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    **FUNDRAISER** Reid Game Issue/practice team signed Stick

    Hi everyone, I'm currently fundraising to purchase a defibrillator which will have 24 hour access to the public for installation on the outside of my work which is run by a non-profit charity & we have currently got a Brodie Reid team signed game issue/practice stick up for auction on ebay, if...
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    New IIHF 2021/22 Fighting Rule

    Has anyone seen this possible new rule change in the EIHL if they follow the IIHF rule book to the letter, not sure if previously mentioned on here? Surely they won't bring it in after so many fighters have been signed up by teams? FIGHTING Under 21/22 IIHF rules a willing combatant being...
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    Devils TV Livestream season 2021/22

    Devils have just announced they've changed to infinity21 to supply the livestream, the same company who does the Belfast, Sheffield & Manchester games. My only concern is the price has gone up to £15 a game now. Whats everyone's opinion...
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    New signing this friday!!

    Todd has said on the Cardiff Devils YouTube channel that there will be a signing announcement this Friday, a new player who will raise some eyebrows & has NHL experience!! I'm really looking forward to it after a shit year!!
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    Kidney Wales 10k Walk for Life

    Hi everyone, I am raising money for Kidney Wales this year, by doing a 10k walk for life on June 27th. As some of you may know it's a charity close to my heart. Any donation amount will be greatly appreciated, as it helps people like myself with kidney disease & those who have had a transplant...
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    Giants bring in.....

    D man Ryan Lowney
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    Jerseys for sale

    Red Yzerman Red wings (54) £35. PHOTOS AVAILABLE. PM if interested please.
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    I just thought I'd post a little thread where all Devils & other EIHL teams fans could post a little something to pass on their condolences to Scarlett's parents Chris & Clair on the terrible news today. Scarlett was a beautiful strong young lady & the bravest girl I knew. I would just like to...
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    Toddler Devils Jersey Wanted!!

    Hi if anyone is selling a toddler sized jersey, can they let me know please, as I'm looking for one for my daughter. Cheers.
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    Sheffield Away travel fan warning

    Just a heads up to our fans, as I've just read on Twitter that this season to park on the GRAVEL at Sheffield Arena it will cost you £7 for a car, apparently free in Ice Sheffield, but no doubt they will start charging when they see people using it more when season starts...
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    Programmes to give away

    Loads of Cardiff Devils programmes, free for collection from Caerphilly. Mainly 2009-2011. Do you know anyone that would want them, if you do then contact Samantha Stock, she is on Facebook or get back to me & I can pass on the message!
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    Help needed please

    Hi, I have been a season ticket holder for 5+ years & I don't normally do this, but I'm just asking for help & was just wondering if members on here, but as my Daughter has made it so far, I thought I'd ask. Could vote for Isabel please, she is in the Baby Of TheYear competition final 15 for age...
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    Brest Travel Arrangements

    Hi, has anyone else been finding it difficult to get over to Brest? I've been looking at different ways of getting over to the games next year & am finding it very difficult to find easy ways to get over there, either price is too much or time to get over is too long! If anyone else has sorted...
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    Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey for sale

    I have a Toronto Maple Leafs blue Jersey for sale, it's an XL & in good condition, if anyone wants a pic just send me an email to & I will send you a pic back. Cheers
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    NHL Jerseys for sale

    I've 3 NHL jerseys for sale, could possibly be a few more. LA Kings - White/Purple Palffy #33 stitched on back with 'A' in front size XL Florida Panthers - Navy Blue/Red Bure #10 stitched on back size L NY Islanders - White/Orange Osgood #35 stitched on back size XL All in great condition £40...
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    Chris Frank ban

    Braehead's Chris Frank gets a 4 game ban for a checking to the head hit on Clarkson!! ... an-p193790 Well deserved IMHO!!
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    Luke Piggott

    Does anyone know why Luke has no had anywhere near as much ice time for us this season?
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    Sky filming

    Ragan has just posted this on Twitter "@raganpaul: Sky filming @cardiffdevils this Sunday v Coventry Blaze, lets show them who's got the best fans in the league #packtheBBT" Just thought I'd share as not everyone has Twitter an this is the first I'd heard of this!!
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    Sun Dream Team Mini League

    Anyone fancy making or shall I make a Sun Dream Team Mini League on here, as I'm sure there was one las season but I havent seen one here as of yet?
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    Cardiff Devils Euro 2012 Dream Team

    Hi sorry if I've put this in the wrong place but it's for the fans! I've set up a league on the sun dream team website for the Devils fans or other hockey teams fans so if u wana join it then please do, the team name is; Team name - the devils lair Pin - 151279 Password - reddevils if anyone...