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  1. Swarley


    Exact reason I turned it off, the hip check being called as clipping and the Latvians acting like a bunch of soft touch football players makes the world's games look totally laughable, want to win a game? Dive, cry and pretend you're so hard done by, they really need to change the rule on...
  2. Swarley

    New 22/23 roster size

    Only if it's not put to good use lmao
  3. Swarley

    Carruth on Two Ales Podcast

    I asked Wally and apparently its an old nickname he got, he wouldn't divulge anymore information about it though.
  4. Swarley

    Carruth on Two Ales Podcast

    From what I heard the cap was a gentleman's agreement between all clubs, Sheffield then went and broke that about two weeks after the league started apparently.
  5. Swarley

    Carruth on Two Ales Podcast

    Bowns? Yes Whistle? Hell no! I don't rate him at all, he's so easy to score against and way too easy to get under his skin and unsettle him. I'd rather take a broomstick as #2 then whistle.
  6. Swarley

    If you're going to charge £50 for a hoodie...

    That's amazing lol I want one now just because of the error lmao
  7. Swarley

    Season Wrap Up

    Glad I wasn't the only one who did this, even just teasing it left the hairs on the back of my neck standing straight up lol
  8. Swarley

    Who we want and don’t want back for next season

    I've a feeling we already have a coach in place, Todd would of been all over that the moment skalde got released. Dupont I'd like to have stay on as assistant coach though and have a new head coach appointed, preferably someone who can help dupont gain some experience and have him ready to...
  9. Swarley

    Homecoming celebration

    Kind of a let down the sponsors got to have a get together with the team and the fans who couldn't fork out stupid amounts for playoff tickets get forgotten about. Ah well.
  10. Swarley

    Homecoming celebration

    Hard to do that when GB boys left already and 4 of the imports went straight to Croatia on holiday after the sponsors party with the cup on Monday
  11. Swarley

    Who we want and don’t want back for next season

    I think Lou had one of his most impressive seasons for us this year, he worked non stop during lock down to get in the best shape possible and it showed, I might be biased as I am a fan of his but I do reckon he has one more season left to pass to torch to a new big guy, without Lou the club...
  12. Swarley

    Who we want and don’t want back for next season

    Your list seems decent altho I'd keep Louis, he's been one of the better imports on D for us this season, been faster and seems to be a lot better with his stick skills, plus losing him who the hell would we have to step up and fight if it's needed lol
  13. Swarley

    Giants Vs Devils - Play-Off Final - 1st May 2022

    I'm going with a 5-2 scoreline, no idea which way it'll go.
  14. Swarley

    Myers Testimonial tickets now on sale

    I tried to book my normal spot but someone had taken it already so I stole my mates normal spot instead lol
  15. Swarley

    Devils Vs Clan - Play-off 1/4 Finals - 23/24 April 22

    Yesterday showed that despite the team looking really good nerves got the better of some of the players and basic mistakes got made which cost us 2 of the goals, it's the first time some of our lot have played a playoff game in the EIHL or at all in the last couple of years and frustration...
  16. Swarley

    Who’s going tonight - Awards Night

    Probably because he came straight in and hit anything that moved, something that our team really didn't seem to do once we stepped out of the CHL games
  17. Swarley

    New coach: who should it be?

    I honestly think a season without the CHL will do the club some good, it'll give the new coach and new players a proper run at the league with the aim being to get that CHL invite for the following season.
  18. Swarley

    Devils and coach part ways

    Didn't see this coming especially after he started to show some passion