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    New head coach

    What’s your views on whether DuPont is a contender to become the next devils head coach , I personally think he should be considered with someone along side him he has proven he can win games and a trophy.
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    Premier sports

    Thinking of buying premier sports for a month with game tomorrow and devils home game against the Steelers on Saturday that they are also showing, my question is do you have to have sky sports to buy premier sports as I don’t have sky sports and don’t want to buy premier sports if I can’t watch...
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    Devils v stars

    Hi all hope you are all safe and well, I purchased the webcast for last months cc quarter final game at home against the stars which was cancelled last minute due to Covid , My question is as I never requested a refund how do I watch the game on Wednesday next week will i be sent a code to watch...
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    Web cast

    Just wanted to know if there is going to be a web cast for the home games this season
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    Devil import players

    Please devil management if the season is over please send our import players back home to be with their families before all flights are cancelled.
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    Tonights webcast

    Just trying to buy tonights webcast but nothing listed on the latest events for the devils on ice time tv? any ideas
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    Man of the match

    Just wondering who picks man of the match in our home games? They want to book an appointment with specsavers as tonight myers shouldn't have motm. bentivoglio should have had it why can't the icetime tv guys pick it
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    Ice time tv

    just wanted to know if ice time tv is going to be available for Home games this season like it has for so many seasons
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    all time devil players

    OK guys just wanted to know if you had to pick 5 players who have played for the devils since they were formed who would you pick? I would pick Jeff Smith netminder, , Mike Ware, Jon Pelle, Steve Moria and Ivan Matulik
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    Web cast

    Hi All, Help needed to watch tonights game, How do you view tonights game nothing coming up on the ice time page :o
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    Link to webcast

    Hi All, Does anyone know the link to purchase the friendly webcasts :D
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    Web cast

    Please can someone confirm if any of the friendlies are going to be shown on the devils live webcast :RAWK
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    Web cast

    What a crap webcast tonight from Icetime, all through the game it keeps on freezing so gutted friends over to watch the game and can't very unhappy :cry:
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    Bench coach/Franny

    I know I might get shot down for this but everyone is entitled to an opinion Is it time that we had a more experience bench coach than Franny? I know he has been at the club for many years but apart from last years CC cup what more can he do on the bench. He is top class with working with the...
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    BBC red button

    Yes the challenge cup final on Sunday is going to be shown live the BBC online red button well done BBC for showing such a great sport online lets go devils bring that cup back home :Pickle :Banana
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    Challenge cup final

    Just wanted to know if there is going to be a live webcast of the challenge cup final
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    Dundee Stars webcast

    Just wanted to know if anyone has purchased a webcast from Dundee and what the coverage is like as they are doing one for tonight's game
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    New Rink

    Hi All, just wanted to know if the Devil management have thought about getting in someone from the past to open our new ice arena in January and who would you like to cut the ribbon, my names would either 1/Glynne Dummett and SORAC group for making the dream come true 2/The new Devil owners 3/...
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    Web cast

    Please can someone confirm if there is going to be a live webcast for tonight's game against the blaze.
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    Tonights game

    What a load of crap you got to pay £11.99 per month plus £8.00 to sign up for premier sports just to watch tonight's game ,thought the Devils would have done their own webcast not a happy bunny I know you have got the privilege to watch all ice hockey programmes plus other sports but what a rip...