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    Well done devils,

    To win it once is an honour, to win this award twice is outstanding. A fantastic achievement.

    Well done devils,

    Read the other thread - he has not been gassed.

    Blaze Gas

    Ainsworth and Lake together were some partnership. Can understand the Blaze releasing Wiikman - injury prone and inconsistant. Kopriva, however, was outstanding and will strengthen their team. Hope he brings his translator too!

    Faryna Leaves

    Once in while, a player comes along who has a special connection with the fanbase (like Joey Martin) - Justin was one of those players. A heart and soul, absolute true Cardiff Devil playing in the same mould as Andrew Lord. He will be missed terribly but his reasons for going are private and...

    Faryna Leaves

    As always, a classy post from Steve.

    Devils Vs Flames - 5 Dec 18 - League

    The Captaincy to Joey or Matthew rears its head every now and again and rightly so. Even though we may want it, we all know it wont happen and why it wont happen. If you want a great illustration of on-ice leadership, look no further than Blair Riley at the Giants. Yes, they lost last night...


    There was talk on NHL fan forums that they might be called The Seattle Metropolitans or Seattle Metros

    Panthers lose

    Many of their fans were critical of him, so doubt he will be missed.

    Devils Vs Stars - 2 Dec 18 - League

    Last night symptomatic of the pattern that has been developing over recent weeks - incapable of closing out tight games, conceding very late goals, poor shooting accuracy, defensive mistakes, being caught out of position, not clinical enough. Another Jekyll and Hyde weekend. Unfortunately .500...
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    Flyers Vs Devils - 1 Dec 18 - League

    Afraid that this is a must win game if Devils are to keep up with the one of the most difficult away venues in the League. Lose and the points gap in the league gets a bit wider.
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    Rutkiss ...

    Hoping that Toms is getting plenty of ice-time at Swindon and will be ready to re-join the Devils next season. A recent article from the Devils suggested that this was the plan. It is important to continue developing potential as well as giving league-ready young players like Moore and Duggan...
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    Devils Vs MKL - 25 Nov 18 - League

    Congratulations to the Lightening - they wanted it, they relentlessly fought for it, and earned that win. Great leadership from their player-coaches (Wallace and Lannon) and an outstanding performance by Killeen. Two causes to blame for Devils poor performance 1) No where near clinical or...
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    New comer

    Get your food and drinks as early as possible - the queues in the period breaks are long.
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    Devils Vs Flyers - 21 Nov 18 - League

    Grit and relentlessness gets the job done for the Devils but a late goal by a Flyers team that plays for 60 mins shows how easily a scoreline can change if a team eases off. Linglet's goal was a thing of beauty....possibly one of the most skilful and intelligent goals seen here in recent years...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov 18 - League

    A treat for the Giants' fans to see their team play last night....and for Devils' fans, a stark reminder that that's the way OUR team was playing up until a few weeks ago. The Giants were well drilled, physical when needed, focussed and highly motivated.... most importantly they were clinical...
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    Devils Vs Flyers - 7 Nov - League

    Conceding early goals and chasing the rest of the game seems to be the norm in the last 6 games for the Devils. Perhaps the realisation has finally set in that other teams have improved greatly and are challenging.....and maybe have figured out how to play our Team? The SOG v goals stats at the...
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    Devils Vs Flyers - 7 Nov - League

    Expecting to see either a change in style/tactics or some changes in pairings to make things more effective. Hoping to see Matthew Myers' skills being utilised far more than of late - a reunion with Joey Haddad would be even better as they had chemistry together last season. If we boast four...
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    Devils Vs Blaze - 3 Nov - League

    Great news to learn that Kopriva was finally fit enough to travel back to Coventry after what appeared (and could have been) a very serious injury. Wish him well with his recovery. In all these posts, that seems to have been forgotten. And that incident probably had a psychological bearing on...
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    Lack of atmosphere

    Over recent seasons, the style of the UK game has started to change and many of the rules have altered too. Now it's more skills and speed based rather than overt physicality (although there is definitely still a policing/toughness role needed on the rosters). There are still emotional crowd...
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    It's hard to win on the road against a gritty, pressurising team. This is a fantastic away result. Well done Boys. Think they will feel particularly buoyed by the fact it was such a close game...and they will have worked so hard for that win. Congratulations to Bownsey for an outstanding...