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    Nottingham Saturday, tickets

    Just as a ‘heads up’, it looks at though the NIC will be sold out on Saturday so probably best to book now....
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    Playoff Details Announced
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    +/- Stats

    This has come up on THF but for those who have not seen it, the +/- stats for this year make very interesting reading. Now I know that they can be criticised as being an inexact tool but they came up as MK have released Clay Anderson who was at -28 on a pretty brutal team. Looking at the Devils...
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    Fan(s) of the Match

    i don’t normally do this but just wanted to say a couple of things about the support this weekend. Firstly, the sheer volume of people here has been incredible, the flight from Birmingham was packed with fans so goodness knows what Cardiff and Bristol flights were like! Just wandering around the...
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    A bit of light relief....

    The wheel of blame has had a big spin tonight....
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    Andrew Lord is making the news....

    Well to some extent..... A couple of obvious inaccuracies, and one hysterical explanation of language in Britain but it is all good publicity....
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    Playoff Final Information

    Tickets on sale from 1st February. We get Blocks 7 and 8, not as good as last year when we were centre ice but not bad. Sadly the third place playoff game stays but overall, always a good weekend.
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    27th December - tickets

    The game on the 27th is almost completely sold out, I could only spot a few single tickets floating around..... so maybe book now if you haven't already.... Having failed to take my own advice, if anyone has two spare, drop me a line!
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    Quick Question - Nottingham Tickets

    Just looked online and it seems as though away fans have been moved to Block 2..... Can anyone confirm?
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    Black Jersey Auction

    Quick question.... Anyone know how much the black jersies went for? Missed it and was amazed by the prices for the previous jersies
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    Devils v Coventry next Saturday

    Just looked at the online ticket sales for this one and leaving aside block one, the only block with two seats next to each other is block 15. Odds on another sell out and I would suggest getting a ticket fast if you are going.....
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    Average Attendances

    Freddie Black (@freddieblack2) has just tweeted the following average attendances. Interesting (and pretty healthy) stuff The @officialEIHL 15/16 Regular Season Average Attendances: Belfast – 4,495 Braehead – 3,027 Cardiff – 2,121 Coventry – 2,064 Dundee – 991 Edinburgh – 906 Fife - 1,941...
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    The Other CC Semi Final

    After the first leg it is advantage Panthers....3-1 winners.
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    Braehead Clan Tickets

    Quick question.... Which is the away block at the Clan? Never been before and looking to get some tickets but can't seem to work it out....thanks!
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    Anaheim v Sabres on Freeview

    ..... Right now...... Sky Channel 428 if anyone is out there......
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    Predictions for the New Season.....

    Right, as it is the evening before the first game, I thought this would be a good time to start the ball rolling with a few predictions...... All just a bit of fun but for the person who gets the highest score I have got a star prize that I will pass over at the end of the season ;) So..... in...
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    Another honour for Dr P....

    Haven't seen this anywhere..... Congratulations, excellent news.... (not sure how to shorten the link.....)
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    Mark Smith Update

    Probably worth it's own thread as it will lead on to more general discussion about our D I suspect..... Back in two weeks apparently....... Update on Devils website (can't do link on this device).... Oh and Rolf gets a name check as well :)
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    Ex-Clan D Man says no to Devils.....

    Can't say I know too much about him..... ... ts-p188296
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    NHL Chat Thread

    So it all starts again in an few hours time, divisional realignment should hopefully rekindle some old rivalries and Lord Stanley's pot looks to be anyone's. Chicago are the logical favourites but it is a long time since there was a repeat winner so....... Who is your money on? After tipping...