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  1. matbur

    Waller for Team GB?

    Another good display from young Josh against Manchester on Sunday, if he keeps this up, he has to be in the conversation for the next Team GB roster.
  2. matbur

    The future of the Elite League and its teams

    I don't wish to be negative during these difficult times and although I'm not a pessimist, I am a realist. It's with that in mind I'm posting to air my worries about the uncertainties the current situation creates for the league and the teams. As we all know UK ice hockey is, as a minority...
  3. matbur

    Drew Paris NOT booed in the presentation ...

    Sounded like boo's in some areas when Paris skated with the trophy, but they were "Drew'" shouts. [Edited by thread creator]
  4. matbur

    Swansea Devils fans meet up??

    I realised recently that apart from posting here (which is basically anonymous anyway!), I don't actually know any other Devils/hockey fans despite being a season ticket holder who goes to almost every game. I've only been supporting the team closely for a couple of years and guess that as I'm...
  5. matbur

    Bownsy awarded Player of the Week.

    The league named Bownsy as Player of the Week after his displays in the last three games. Short piece here on it, the guy is a real credit to our team and a huge part of our success.
  6. matbur

    2 tickets for Vaxjo for sale

    Doesn't look like I'm going to be able to get to the arena for 7pm so selling two tickets (Block 20 / gold category). Bought for £16 each inc. booking fee. Will sell the pair for £30 over PayPal and can email them to you. Thanks.
  7. matbur

    Stats behind Davos win

    Sorry if linking this isn't allowed (please delete if it's not) but I've wrote a brief piece on some of the stats behind our win against Davos, just thought I'd share as we don't usually get access to stats in EIHL games...
  8. matbur

    Devils blog

    Hi all, I've started a new blog this season covering the Devils and hope that over time, it can develop a bit of a community following. I'm looking for any contributors who fancy getting involved and am interested in any ideas, suggestions, feedback people have. Also happy to post any Cardiff...
  9. matbur

    Buying CHL tickets as a STH

    My understanding is that tickets for the CHL games are held until the end of July for season ticket holders. When going to buy them online, my seats are blocked out from sale so how do I actually purchase them?? Emailed the Devils and they've not yet got back to me, I don't to wait around...
  10. matbur

    Doucet to MK Lightning Not surprised he's left tbh but was expecting him to move to one of the more established teams in the league! Streaky, but a good player.
  11. matbur

    Flights for the Belfast double header in February

    If anyone finds a decent deal for flights for this, please let me know! Had looked at going to these games but looking a bit pricey.
  12. matbur

    Please help! Icetime TV on Chromecast

    Trying to get it to work but struggling as it won't mirror my device (all correctly installed). Has anyone got experience of using Chromecast for Ice Time TV live stream? Cheers!
  13. matbur

    NHL 17

    Anyone playing NHL 17? I'm on PS4 if anyone wants a game some time?
  14. matbur

    Devils news on Nation Radio coming up at 9.45

    The Devils are making some sort of announcement this morning on Nation Radio. Kris Agland tweeted 'some very exciting things being told'... no idea what.
  15. matbur

    So, I've started a Devils page on FB...

    Hope I'm not breaking any forum rules by mentioning this but I'm already pretty hyped for the new hockey season with the new signings and pre-season fixtures, and have created a Facebook page to chat Devils, NHL, Fire, pretty much whatever. If anyone's interested, it's called Talk of the...
  16. matbur

    Next season's ticket prices

    Does anyone know what the ticket prices are likely to be set at for next season? I really caught the bug last season and am giving serious consideration to getting a pair of season tickets - the only problem is that I know I wouldn't be able to make every other Saturday night, so don't know...
  17. matbur

    Devils team and lines

    I'm in Swansea and love ice-hockey, big Islanders fan and would watch you the Devils more than I currently do but I none of my family/friends are into hockey. I'm hoping to woo my girlfriend when the Devils move to the new arena and she'll like the new facilities and we can get season tickets...
  18. matbur

    What does this mean (newbie question sorry)

    Sorry but just reading the Walesonline report on Sunday's game, what do the figures mean next to the scorers? Devils: Mac Faulkner 3+0, Jamie Milam 0+1, Kenton Smith 0+2, Gerad Adams 0+1, Tyson Marsh 0+1. Is it to do with them being short-handed or on a powerplay?
  19. matbur

    Anyone travel from Swansea/Parking?

    Seem to be hearing something about parking from site and forum - not a big Devils fan but love watching NHL. I've been twice before and loved it. Would be keen to watch them frequently but as I live in Swansea, it's a bit of a trek, with petrol etc. Any fans travel from Swansea?? Lift share...