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    Devils vs steelers - 6 Mar 20 - League

    2 big games with trophies at stake. Of course I would like us to win both games but considering this year's history, form and close match-up, the odds on winning one game each must be high. Just posing the question:- If you had to choose which game to win and which to lose, league game or Cup...
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    What's happened to Wales OnLine

    What has happened to Wales on line reporting of Cardiff Devils? Am I missing something? I never see any reports of games any more. All the stories seem to have stuck on last seasons games, comments and performances.
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    Patrick Asselin Signs

    New signing and no comments on the Forum ! Is everybody on holiday or what. Always interested to hear what all the knowledgeable people have to say on any new signing. Anyway I'll be the first on the forum to welcome Patrick Asselin hoping you enjoy your time in Cardiff and can put up some good...
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    Manchester v Braehead Clan

    Saturday. League Match Manchester 4 Braehead Clan 1 SSSHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!
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    Behind the Net

    Does anybody know if "Behind the Net" Web site and score predictions for the Elite League is being run for the coming season. I found it really good fun last year and also there were some good articles written. I can't even locate the web site at the moment. I thought it might have been run by...
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    Behind the Net

    Behind the Net Last time I posted re this issue there was an immediate response. Wondering if the same will happen this time. Are predictions possible for this week? When does the list get updated? Who does it? Is this the right place to ask for info?
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    Behind the Net

    Last time I posted re this issue there was an immediate response. Wondering if the same will happen this time. It's Saturday already and there does not appear to be the opportunity to predict for tonight or tomorrow. Agghhhh Am I sad or just an over enthusiastic hockey fan
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    Premier Sports Channel EIHL shows

    Premier Sports Channel showed a freeview of the October Coventry Blaze v Cardiff Devils last night (Friday). I thought it was a good show although not always easy to follow the puck. Good commentary from Murray and a very surprising contribution from Ben Olssen who was injured at the time of...
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    Behind the Net

    Anybody know anything about the Behind the Net Predictions web page? I enjoy putting weekly predictions in and notice a few other Devils fans do too. This week I can't get the prediction page and the contact by email does not seem to be operating. Anybody know if the site is still functioning or...
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    Devils Release Phil Hill

    WoW. A long time with the Devils. Scored a lot of goals. Has struggled this season. G really trying to do something.
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    Cardiff Devils PP

    Interesting discussion and stats on our PP in an unrelated thread last 2 weeks. For info. Stats on this weekends PP Sheffield Games 2 PP 10 Goals 5 Nottingham Games 1 PP 3 Goals 1 Belfast Games 2 PP 11 Goals 3 Dundee Games 3 PP 8 Goals 2 Fife Games 2 PP 5...
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    Tyler Michel

    Please tell me I'm mis informed. I just read that Tyler Michel has signed for Sheffield Stealers AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH !
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    Any News on Vother?

    How is he? All the best for a speedy recovery.