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  1. Finny

    Devils Vs Giants - League - 16th Oct 2021

    Id forgotten they’d brought fans as I only heard them after they scored their first.
  2. Finny

    Steelers vs Devils - League 26th Sept 21

    Am I allowed an opinion on people having an opinion? I thought that was what a forum like this was for?
  3. Finny

    Steelers vs Devils - League 26th Sept 21

    After half a season, this forum was full of people calling for Ulmer to be sacked. He turned out to be one of our most important and consistent signings.
  4. Finny

    Steelers vs Devils - League 26th Sept 21

    I thought after the whole “sack Layne Ulmer” incident people would give new signings at least half a season before criticising them but her we are 1 week into the EIHL season and......
  5. Finny

    Terrible service with Prem Sports.

    Only time I’ve ever signed up to Premier Sports was during our first CHL season. I signed up an hour or so before game and......nothing. Game started and my account still wasn’t activated. Tried ringing them but got nowhere so emailed them very annoyed. They apologised, refunded my money and...
  6. Finny

    Council to buy ice rink Bro Radio

    None of that backs up your argument that CCC/WG are going to know down IAW. In fact if anything it does the exact opposite.
  7. Finny

    Council to buy ice rink Bro Radio

    An interesting post. And by 'interesting' I mean that it's interesting that you appear happy to contradict yourself and facts to push forward your own opinion and agenda. I'm sure there are those from SORAC who will remember the details better than me, but from what I can remember: -The EU did...
  8. Finny


    Agreed. Looking around the arena the vast majority are wearing them. Those who aren’t appear to be in groups of 4 or 5 where none are wearing them.
  9. Finny

    Devils Vs Storm Pre-Season Back To Back Spectacular

    Don’t forget we are well ahead of Manchester in terms of games played and match fitness. At 2-1 midway through the second the Storm were definitely in the game. As with our games v Nottingham though the opposition ran out of energy in the 3rd and we ran away with the game. Far too early to...
  10. Finny

    Council to buy ice rink Bro Radio

    Comparing it to a satellite view on Google Maps it would definitely be new. New design shows arena extending east further than pool. Currently it doesn’t. Not really sure whether this would allow for an increase in capacity unless they plan on moving everything east and raising the roof which...
  11. Finny

    Cardiff arena

    It would be nice for one off games and the Playoffs but I can't see a 8000-10000 seat capacity arena (which it probably would be for hockey) being viable for the Devils week-in week-out. If we were selling out every game as soon as tickets go on sale then perhaps it would need looking at, but...
  12. Finny


    I’m impressed you’ve been able to get so many inaccuracies into such a short post. Wales hasn’t followed England on most restrictions. Wales has done what it believes to be right at that moment in time. With regards vaccinating 12 to 15 year olds, Wales has said for weeks that they had drawn...
  13. Finny

    Lausanne here we come!

    Disappointed to lose that game but not in our effort or performance. Thought we had some really good spells in all three periods and ultimately we lost to a mistake on the PP and a freak own goal. Oh, and it turns out the even in Switzerland the referees can be utterly awful.
  14. Finny

    Lausanne here we come!

    Another odd criticism of Register from you. Really not sure it’s fair to call a player ‘lazy’ when they iced over 30 mins. And for me was one of our standout players.
  15. Finny

    Devils at mannheim

    It’s almost as if the coach hasn’t been able to run practise sessions with the team. Has he been locked up in his house for two weeks.......oh...
  16. Finny

    Devils at mannheim

    Really shocked at how many negative comments there were on here at the start of the thread before the more level-headed posters replied. Last week we conceded early goals and the game was over. This time we tried to play a very defensive first period, it worked for a while but you make one...
  17. Finny

    CHL - Covid Cases

    Yes. For most people with Covid they will be infectious for up to 10 days. So if you get symptoms, within 10 days you will stop being infectious. So the first day of symptoms is taken as worst case scenario and you start the 10 days from there. If you don’t have symptoms but test positive...
  18. Finny

    Proposed 5000 seat arena for Manchester

    Sounds to me like someone wants to build an arena but doesn’t have the land or the money.
  19. Finny

    Devils v Die Adler

    Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Didn’t realise until last night how much I’d missed watching hockey. Massive congratulations to Todd, Katrina and everyone at the club who made last night so successful. Roll on Saturday.
  20. Finny

    IAW Covid rules for games

    We already are in Alert Level Zero aren’t we?