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  1. Kevlar68

    Shirt sponsorship last night

    Did all shirts get taken? We left after we got the shirt we were hoping to get.
  2. Kevlar68

    Coventry Boxing Day 2021

    I know its a few months away but is there any trips for this in the pipeline? Just trying to plan ahead and get away from the family :D
  3. Kevlar68

    Customized shirts to order

    Anyone looking for any players shirts from previous clubs (apart from European leagues) please PM me with your enquiries. I know someone who sources them out. These are replica shirts not game issue. Here are a few of the shirts i have acquired for supporters in the past. Shirts are all priced...
  4. Kevlar68

    Pre-season tour thoughts

    Would a Pre-season tour be a good idea. So....after my Lausanne away game which was awesome would fans like to see a Pre-season warm up tour. Each season choose a different league to tour which could then give fans a chance to experience a away game combined with a holiday. Swiss league one...
  5. Kevlar68

    Lausanne here we come!

    Just about to step out the front door and off to Montreux, Switzerland. Devils shirt - Check (Mike Macwilliam superleague jersey) Game tickets - Check Lausanne Train tickets - Check All paperwork and tests done (pain in the ass) so it's off we go. This trip was originally booked for 2020 same...
  6. Kevlar68

    Looking for a couple of jerseys

    Easy one to start with....maybe: Game worn Dixon Christmas jersey Or Bowns/Hotham Christmas jersey and now for unicorn jerseys: Game Worn Mike Macwilliam or Kip Noble Please PM me if any around, many thanks
  7. Kevlar68

    Season tickets

    Does anybody know when they will be ready for collection and what is the first game they're valid from.
  8. Kevlar68

    Jimmy Hayes - Wilkes-Barre/Scranton R.I.P.

    Sad news about Jimmy Hayes who Coach Skalde would know from Wilkes-Barre Very sad and so young, R.I.P.
  9. Kevlar68

    First home game ticket release

    It's now only 16 days until our first home game and excitement is building, has anybody got any inside info of when those tickets may go on sale? Are we still waiting on clarification of numbers or is the IAW allowed full capacity?
  10. Kevlar68

    My new shirt for the season

    Well, the excitement builds having now just received my shirt for the season ahead, apart from the new Devils shirt of course (When its released).
  11. Kevlar68

    Interesting EIHL article O'connor and Myers
  12. Kevlar68

    Another random non jersey

    How are these random non released shirts still going on ebay...
  13. Kevlar68

    Interesting NHL article - Enforcers
  14. Kevlar68

    Welcome back Mr. Dixon!

    The best news I've had all of Covid, thank you. YEEEEEEHAAAAA! Now get off the golf course.
  15. Kevlar68

    Brendan Mikkelson - Welcome to Cardiff

    Well as we all know by now our first signing is a superb one by the Devils Org. and definitely a team player who would step in to protect one of his own. Enjoy!
  16. Kevlar68

    Mikkelson jerseys available.

    Roll up, roll up get your Brendan Mikkelson jerseys here :- Vancouver Giants Wilkes Barre Penguins Toronto Marlies Portland Pirates Anaheim Ducks Calgary Flames Toronto Maple Leafs Tampa Bay Lightning All shirts have individual prices that includes postage. These are replica shirts (not...
  17. Kevlar68

    One player wish list

    So, the season seems to be a goer. We have an empty roster. You have only a one player wish list, not a and, or answer just one player. Who would you like to see signed or resigned? Realistic signings within our budget.
  18. Kevlar68

    Nice little interesting article

    Got some real bad boys on here.
  19. Kevlar68

    Raffle idea

    The shirts, helmets and sticks must be starting to dry up by now so......what about raffling off a pair of untaken seats for the season? There are quite allot of available seats. Limit the raffle to 300 tickets so the odds are good. Pair of Gold seats raffle £15 a ticket. Raffle total £4500...
  20. Kevlar68

    Who profits from these then

    Found these on ebay and i'm sure its not Devils Org. official merch.