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  1. Finny

    Wannabe2's Poll

    Wannabe2 wanted someone to setup a poll for him.
  2. Finny

    Off-Season Quiz No. 1

    Seeing as it gets a bit quiet on here during the off-season I thought I'd post the occasional quiz question. If it's popular I'll post more as I think of them. If not.....well I won't. So anyway.... Question 1: When you include all League, Challenge Cup, Playoffs, CHL and Pre-Season games...
  3. Finny

    A Bit of Perspective

    I'm as disappointed as anyone when we lose at home, but some of the comments on here and social media are just ridiculously OTT. "We need a clear out this summer" "We need to hire and fire like Thommo does" "Lord and the management don't know what they are doing". Please. I know somebody...
  4. Finny

    New Team in Leeds

    Planet Ice have invited expressions of interest in running a senior hockey team out of their 'new' Leeds rink (built from what was the BBT). With a capacity of ~2000 (1800 seats) would it be...
  5. Finny

    No More Braehead Clan....

    Rebranded to Glasgow Clan
  6. Finny

    Playoff Finals Weekend TV Coverage

    Confirmation that TV coverage for the Finals Weekend will be the same as last year: Sat: Semi-Finals live via EIHL TV Sun: Final live on BBC online
  7. Finny

    When Did You Start Watching?

    After reading various threads in recent weeks I'm curious as to whether what we all class as 'being entertained' depends on when we became a fan. Is it a goalfest? Is it a low-scoring, close game? Is the Devils physically dominating their opponents, regardless of the score? Is it the Devils...
  8. Finny

    Your First Ever Devils Game

    As it's the 30th Anniversary tomorrow I thought it would be interesting to see how many people remember the first Devils game they went to. When was it? Who was it against? Why did you go? What do you remember about it? What made you keep coming back? etc
  9. Finny

    Trouble In Telford?

    Quite a few rumours circulating that things are in a bad way in Telford. Even some suggestions that they'll fold after this weekend. Sad news if true for their fans and players, which include quite a few ex-Devils. And all this for a team that is top of the EPL.
  10. Finny

    EIHL Officials

    There is a new website setup by some of the EIHL refs and linesmen ahead of the new season: Looks like we have a couple of new refs too. Shame that certain EIHL teams opted not to go for the 4 man system this year.
  11. Finny

    Steve Moria Inducted into British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame

    Along with Tony Hand:
  12. Finny

    Isle of Wight Set to join EIHL in 2017/18

    Full Story:
  13. Finny

    3-on-3 OT For Next Season
  14. Finny

    Cardiff Devils All-Time Top Ten

    As requested from the Nottingham thread, here are the current Top 10s for the Devils: Appearances: 1: Jason Stone 1167 2: Neil Francis 679 3: Doug McEwen 667 =4: Shannon Hope 658 =4: Phil Hill 658 6: Steve Moria 602 7: Stevie Lyle 536 8: Mark Richardson 515 9: Vezio Sacratini 503 10: Nicky...
  15. Finny

    Kurka and Hervato Sign

    On main site
  16. Finny

    Sunday 6th September

    What with all the fuss over 4pm/6pm face-offs I've only tonight started looking at the fixtures and noticed this clash on the first weekend: Wales v Israel 5pm Devils v Steelers 6pm Might affect the size of the crowd with people either going to the football or watching it on TV, plus I'd have...
  17. Finny

    The Official (Unofficial) Sunday Face Off Poll

    Can't believe this argument has been running since 9am and nobody has created a poll. You'd descend into chaos without me. I'm not putting a 5pm option or any other time as that's pointless.
  18. Finny

    Fixtures Calendar

    Moving away from the argument on the other thread for the moment, is anyone creating a subscribed calendar for the fixtures again this year? I found the Red Army Travel one really useful last season. Plus I'd rather not have to type them all in myself.
  19. Finny

    One Year Ago Today What an incredible year it's been. And we only have to look at Hull to see what could have happened if Todd, Steve and co had not taken us over.
  20. Finny

    Hull Stingrays have folded?

    According to posts on THF and Twitter, a report on local Hull radio claims the Stingrays have been liquidated and folded?????