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    Enlighten Me

    Like many posters have already mentioned the Belfast defeat was an embarrassment, people felt the need to vent feelings and point out certain failings in a team that a month earlier we're playing sublime. It's not surprising that so many people took to the inferno 8-1 is a hammering in even the...
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    Paul Thompson

    Don't like kicking a man when he's down on his luck, hope he makes a success of it.
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    Sell Out

    We need to pick it up a bit but I'm sure we'll come out fighting (not literally lol), wouldn't like to predict a winner but sure it won't be 8-1 either way.
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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov - League

    What we witnessed Sunday was a Giants team playing at their best and a Devil's team playing well below their capabilities, consequently we got taken to the cleaners, they made us look mediocre at best. I'm sure this score is a one off freak result and if we can re-ignite the form shown against S...
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    Could this come processional

    Glad somebody can see the sentiments that my post was meant to convey. Maybe the title of the thread could've been better thought out as you say but didn't expect some of the reactions to it. Maybe we can get down to some normal discussions now..I'll just have to make sure any threads I post in...
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    Could this come processional

    Been following Devil's since our first season (not Ashfield Islanders game), probably about 4th 5th game..Peterborough if my memory serves me right. Before that Cardiff City and Newport Wasps the original team not the last incarnation. Are you more concerned about the contents of the thread or...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov - League

    Agree with virtually all you post there. The lack of hitting is worrying and part time Pope is a perfect description of a talented player, Mo has become inaffective as you say and Bownsy's is having something of a confidence blip, I seem to be watching a team going through the motions playing...
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    Could this come processional

    No chicken counting, the initial thread was highlighting the fact we were winning domestic games at a stroll after an excellent but ultimately frustrating CHL campaign, would the ease that we were putting domestic sides to the sword become a regular occurrence? The answer is obviously no..sure...
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    Could this come processional

    Not quiet at all, when posted we were taking teams apart with clinical efficiency. The thread may not have finished with a question mark but it was a question as to whether those great wins we were witnessing at the time would become something of a norm. Feel free to take the piss and try and...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov - League

    I hate to put blame on the officials but they were pretty poor tonight, generally speaking officials do a decent job.
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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov - League

    This was more than losing a game, this was a reality check. Bownsy's not having his best time atm and Lordo should've used Mad dog a couple of games ago. A teams netminder having a bad day at the office affects the players around him imo, the opposite can be said if your netminder's playing a...
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    Ben Blood

    Personally I'm missing Ben Blood already, nothing to do with tonight's result just seems like the missing ingredient on our team.
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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov - League

    The way we started off the season in the CHL I would've expected a positive result from this game, I've got my doubts now as we seem to be struggling for form atm. I've got faith that this blip is just that a blip and the class we have in this team will surface again sooner than later..whether...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov - League

    If we don't step it up a bit it could be a difficult night, hope we don't get hit after hit from them as we don't have the armoury to reply in kind, hope our speed and skill will see us through. Come on you Devils!
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    Evan Mosey Signs

    On the Devil's site it says that we've lost a great player in Ben Blood and now signed another great player to fill that void, hmmmmm.
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    Last player!

    Or a Cam Janssen. ☺️
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    Clubhouse bar

    It does need brightening up, Devil's memorabilia, ice dance memorabilia plus any other activities that regularly take place there. It does look rather sterile and hospital like, we are double champions let's celebrate it with some shirts, photo's, murals, etc, let's make it feel like home.
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    Panthers vs Devils - 4 Nov - League

    We've definitely got the ammunition and this weekend was just a bit of a slump, no need to get worked up as surely we can all see the talent we have on the ice. We'll bounce back I'm sure..the cream always rises to the top.
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    Devils Vs Blaze - 3 Nov - League

    Soft underbelly, we now play a European style. There is certainly a need for a "policeman" type on the team, sorry if others don't agree. Officiating was crap, Blood's positioning on 2 of the goals was not good.
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    Lack of atmosphere

    By and large as most of us will agree hockey is now skill/speed based but I still think there is room for the more physical side of the game, I also believe this side of the game does get people out of their seats. Other "contact" sports such as Gridiron, Aussie rules and Rugby League haven't...