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  1. Celticdruid

    Intimidating/Loyal and sometimes annoying rinks/supporters!!!

    Just to pass a little time...I know during the WNIR days in particular our crowd had more than their fare share of chants and it was known to be an intimidating rink to the opposition. With this in mind I wondered if anyone had any memories or knowledge of places that are damn tough to play in...
  2. Celticdruid

    Youth Olympics and Brent Pope

    Some tidy young players in this tournament. Currently the Slovakia vs Sweden women's game on red button and Brent Pope appears to be providing some of the commentary. Wonder if he speaks to any of the youths about study and play time at the Devils organisation. Would be good for future...
  3. Celticdruid

    Brett PERLINI, Mike Prpich and Co

    Can someone please advise me why Brett Perlini's brother Brendon Perlini is not on the British Rosta? He has played for Canada u20's and u18's previously but I thought he would still be eligible as he hasn't played for a senior national team? Does anyone remember their father Fred Perlini...
  4. Celticdruid


    Made in Cardiff showing Dragons Icehockey game now.
  5. Celticdruid

    Brett Gallant

    Does anyone know if Brett Gallant is still playing. There was something online saying he was looking at coming to a British Club but can't find it anymore. Whoever was to sign him would have one hell of a handy enforcer on their hands. The guy has traded with and beaten some of the best in our...
  6. Celticdruid

    DAVOS Fan Behaviour

    Guys, I have thought long and hard before posting this as I did not want to dampen the mood or unjustly target or damage the reputation of any of the Davos Fans that attended. In general I found the spirit of their supporters fantastic and they were enjoying a carnival atmosphere which I don't...
  7. Celticdruid

    Sam Duggan

    Should we be looking into this prospect? Great size for his age and has a bit of growing yet, face off specialist, his early stats show he was ahead of his game and has future potential if nurtured correctly, already a gold medal holder for GB (is that a record age for that?). Think he could be...
  8. Celticdruid

    Incredibly Proud

    Must say I am incredibly proud of what the club both on and off ice have achieved this season. We all had high hopes and dreams but they all dug deep to make it a reality and put out historic club back on the map. The playoff final.....sure we lost but what a fight and a show of sheer grit and...
  9. Celticdruid

    location location location Kellman

    Todd and Family on More 4 program now. Or if you miss it it will be on More4 +1 at 1230hrs.
  10. Celticdruid

    Crash, Bang, wallop or what a picture!

    Just wondering, what would the general style of play fans on the forum would like to see tonight and going into 2017. Would it be a come to our barn and leave feeling you have lost a nice gentle game of bowls or leave feeling you have played 1 on 1 against a whole smash crash hockey team for an...
  11. Celticdruid

    BIG MO!!! The EIHL meanest.

    How is it that our very own Morissette is currently the leagues 2nd most penalised player? In first place is Rosehill. Im sure Mo will be sorting that one out next time they meet. lol. #TEAMSWATCHOUT-MO'SABOUT
  12. Celticdruid


    Wednesday is bring your donkey day to the tent. The team may be lacking a little physical morale but lets not let that reflect on the fans, lets give the opposition a show of strength and raise our donkeys high;) since the belfast will have there fair share of donkeys on mcborrowed from barry...
  13. Celticdruid

    Skilled Devils supporters

    Before I get hammered by people telling me this is in the wrong place......mod can you assist in placing where suits as havent a clue. Just a quick idea I had though, as we all know there is currently a bit of a financial panic going on which everyone is feeling. Thought if we had a space where...