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  1. Milky

    2019/20 Black Jersey For Sale

    I have a 2019/20 (this seasons) black adult jersey in Large with 70 Linglet on it for sale. (A proper one not one of the dodgy first batch with everything in the wrong place). Only worn twice so like brand new. Cost £90 new so will take £60. I should have got an XL so will be ordering one...
  2. Milky

    Mark Richardson #17 white - MR Testimonial Shirt - £250

    Mark Richardson MR Testimonial jersey in white from the 2017/8 season. With fight strap and signed by Mark. Size - L (but exactly the same size as other game worn XL shirts I have - so big). I've worn it a few times but it's sat gathering dust so I'm having a bit of a clear out. Bought at...
  3. Milky

    Sean Bentivoglio #85 white warmup jersey 2017/18 - £125

    Season worn Sean Bentivoglio jersey in white from the 2017/18 season. This is the My Big Green Fleet one with logo and fight strap. Signed. Size XL Paid £170 at the end of season auction, looking for £125. Worn a few times but sat gathering dust so having a clear out. (image quality of...
  4. Milky

    Mark Louis #4 black - Brad Voth Testimonial Shirt - £200

    Game worn Mark Louis jersey in black from the Brad Voth testimonial match played 22/10/16. With and fight strap. Not signed. Size - XL I've worn it a few times but it's sat gathering dust so I'm having a bit of a clear out. Paid £400 at the Scott Matzka auction, looking for £200. (image...
  5. Milky

    Trevor Hendrikx #74 white 2015/16 - £200

    Game worn Trevor Hendrikx jersey in white from the 2015/16 season. With individual sponsors logo and fight strap. Not signed but as he is back in Cardiff coaching kids I think you could sort that out quite easily. Size XXL. I've worn it a few times but it's sat gathering dust so I'm having a...
  6. Milky

    Andrew Hotham

    Not sure if everyone noticed it but at the end of the game after the awards, Andrew Hotham skated over to one of the doors, took off his helmet and gloves, called his girlfriend Ashleigh onto the ice, hugged her and started crying. To me that looked like a final farewell release of emotion and...
  7. Milky

    Nottingham away next week

    Just planning our first away trip to Nottingham next Friday. Can I confirm that there is no bus going up? If so we will go anyway and drive. Can anyone let me know if its Block 3 for the away fans and where the best place to park is. Also do the Devils fans meet up anywhere before? many...
  8. Milky

    Wanted - Adult Small Shirt

    My bad :roll: Ignore my previous post as I'd got the size wrong!! Looking for an adult small Devils shirt for my nephew in London. Any colour, doesn't have to have a name within the last 3 seasons. Cheers.
  9. Milky

    Wanted - Child XL Shirt

    So, we brought our London relatives down on boxing day for the game and my nephew has now gone mad for the Devils. Does anyone have a childs XL shirt for sale that maybe their children have grown out of. Red, Black or white. Name or no name. Relatively new (within the last few seasons) Many...
  10. Milky

    Players from the NHL

    So us signing Rusty the other week got me and some mates chatting about NHL players in our league and how many games they have typically played in The Show. So ignoring the NHL shut out when we signed Rob Davison, is BizNasty the exception to the rule? My mate pointed out that with 41 games...
  11. Milky

    Black Shirts - Sizes

    So the Black shirts are finally here and they look great. Only thing is they seem to be too small? I've got a red one in medium (this seasons one) and ordered a black in the same size and there is a big difference. My wife tried on a red one in the shop for size and the black one that has...