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  1. solelace84

    An Interview with Josh Batch

    Another interview by Oliver Hampson at Chasing The Puck. This time it's Josh Batch talking about his GB opportunity.
  2. solelace84

    An Interview With Jesse Mychan

    An interview with Jesse Mychan. He talks about his time in Cardiff and expresses an interest in returning some day :)
  3. solelace84

    Ben Blood Interview

    A neat interview with Ben Blood from this week if anybody is interested. He talks about his time in Cardiff.
  4. solelace84

    2018 NHL Awards

    Here are my picks for the 2018 awards... Most agree on some, some disagree with most! Be interested to see what the inferno's opinion is.... Sent from my STF-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. solelace84

    O'Connor's KHL contract terminated

    New management at Barys Astana have terminated Ben's contract for next season. Such a shame, for Ben and for British hockey. Was hoping he would get some good experience before the worlds next year
  6. solelace84

    ECHL hockey

    So I just watched the Indy Fuel highlights because I was curious to see how Shalla got on in his first game back... He scored 2 goals and bagged 1 assist, having only scored 1 goal in 20+ games in Nottingham. Darian Dzurzinski (former Storm player) is also on the Indy Fuel roster and bagged a...
  7. solelace84

    Match Night Experience

    I’m seeing a few people on the forum complaining about the monotony of match night. Common gripes appear to be: the same songs are repetitive and boring, zorb football is no longer entertaining, chuck a puck *yawn. I think the devils match night entertainment is far better than most others in...
  8. solelace84

    FAO the guy who got a free season ticket

    The Devils Organisation may not be wise to the fact that you have dishonestly swindled them out of a free season ticket, but I am. You should be banned from attending ALL future games IMO. Disgraceful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. solelace84

    Aladdin cup?

    Can someone please explain to me what this is?! Nobody seems to know (or care for that matter) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. solelace84

    Bristol to have new ice/snow complex

    Wouldn't it be awesome if Bristol had a hockey team!!! [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. solelace84

    NHL not allowing players to go to 2018 Olympics

    I think this is terrible. Denying the players an opportunity to represent their countries in the greatest global sporting event. Arrogant and short-sighted IMO. What does everyone else think?
  12. solelace84

    Black LA KINGS jersey for sale

    the official Rebok LA Kings jersey again in a small. SOLD
  13. solelace84

    This season BLACK jersey for sale

    this seasons black Devils jersey in adult small for sale. :) SOLD
  14. solelace84

    Last season away jersey Small.

    I have a white jersey from last season if anyone is interested? It's a size small. £35
  15. solelace84

    Thoughts on Bordy so far

    I've seen quite a bit of Bordy abuse from panthers fans on Twitter today... Mostly saying that the Devils are wasting their money and that he's nothing special/barely noticed him on the ice. I know he's only had a few games- what does everyone think so far?