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  1. Foxy

    CHL next season

    Apparently Belfast have said they would not play in the CHL next season even if they win the Continental cup this weekend. Would GB still have two places available?
  2. Foxy

    Season tickets

    Has anyone got the dates for collection of season tickets please. I know there was a thread somewhere but cant find it.
  3. Foxy

    playoff weekend 2019

    Anyone know the dates for next year please?
  4. Foxy

    Auction last night

    Anyone know how much was raised last night and what the shirts went for?
  5. Foxy


    Reading on THF about the collapse of the league. Not a follower so dont proclaim to know the ins and outs but surely now is the right time to completely restructure the leagues and place teams together of a similar set up. Any system that is forcing clubs to fold is farcical
  6. Foxy

    Junior Teams

    Bit late in the day i know but ive just watched the Elite league fans forum. Not being a follower of Devils juniors but do we have 3 under 23 Brit players that are at a standard to step up to Elite league or do you think Cardiff will have to look to other teams?
  7. Foxy

    Shirt off his back

    Are you kidding me........ First five numbers drawn all consecutive numbers 11 12 13 14 all consecutive numbers Is someone having a laugh?
  8. Foxy

    Cardiff v Belfast semi final tickets

    I know these were being sold on reception last game but is that where we get them from now or do we have to go to Devils office?
  9. Foxy

    How this for a dream come true

    Probably the wrong place but thought this was fantastic. Sometimes it pays to wait.
  10. Foxy

    Settle an arguement please

    What years did BT sponsor the Cardiff Devils?
  11. Foxy


    Anyone know when our team start arriving and whose already here? Getting ready for the pre-season games. Cant wait :D
  12. Foxy

    Playoff dates next season

    Ok i know this is a little bit early but some of us book our hotels months in advance. By my reckoning the weekend should be 1&2 April (first full weekend in April) but i read on one of the forums, cant remember which one, that the season was starting a week late and the play offs would be 8&9...
  13. Foxy

    Location location location

    For those who are interested. Next weeks program is from cardiff with our very own Todd Kelman looking for a house :)
  14. Foxy

    Cardiff Fire Eiha Division 2

    Anyone know anything about this
  15. Foxy

    Interview with Doucet ... nt-9280548 Umm night out on the town with 10 of the guys............... wonder who the others were lol Good read
  16. Foxy

    Where it all began Guess that last banner is soon to be fullfilled. New rink along with some fantastic new owners. Heres to a sucessful future
  17. Foxy


    If steelers win the play offs (god forbid) do we qualify for Europe?
  18. Foxy

    Diect debit for season tickets

    Anyone know when the last payment is please?
  19. Foxy

    Injuries last night

    Any news on how the linesman and Mychan are?
  20. Foxy

    Teddy Bear Toss

    Havnt seen anything but are we doing the Teddy Bear Toss this year?