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  1. Wannabe2

    Car tyres

    Anyone here in the tyre business please. 07803496751
  2. Wannabe2

    Steelers v Devils

    Can someone please beat the crap out of that sucker punching stinking filthy rink rat Crappy Connolly on Sunday please, good player on his day but a crap house generally. His hit on the Panthers goalie last week was a disgrace, if that was our goalie Louis would have taken his head off, mind you...
  3. Wannabe2

    Storm v Devils

    Devils take on Storm 5-30 tonight, out of interest who thinks things will kick off in Manchester, Storm have some making up to do to their fans, Finnerty will have them pumped maybe a few bad feelings carrying over from last night. Have got the webcast covered and just wondering who thinks a few...
  4. Wannabe2

    Stars v Flyers

    Stars 4 Flyers 1 very scrappy game expected really, first game for both teams and both missing bodies. Flyers still 3 imports short at the moment and tired towards the end. Big crowd which was nice to see at Dundee.
  5. Wannabe2

    Our Coach

    Great catch up with Skalde on YouTube, listening to him talk we have a Gem at the helm. Good to hear his views on things.
  6. Wannabe2

    Panthers v Devils

    1-0 Devils, Reid on the breakaway after 4 mins
  7. Wannabe2

    Webcast a go-er.

    The Panthers game will definately be streamed, this great club again comes up trumps details will be available later on today, Enjoy.
  8. Wannabe2

    Another scrapper in the league

    Clan sign Dyson Stevenson another guy who will willingly drop the gloves, he is 10 short of 200 fights, 6ft tall 28 yrs of age right winger 42 AHL games and many ECHL. Clan are going to be very tough this season and certainly will entertain love it. Wonder if he is looking to clean up.
  9. Wannabe2

    Steelers Sign

    Daine Todd, 34yr old centre, last 8 seasons 2 x AHL, 2x KHL, 2x Swe HL, 2x DEL, looks a very good signing. And they will need him when they play us.
  10. Wannabe2

    Myers signs for

    Matt Myers is back to the Panthers, wish you well Matt great signing by Nottingham.
  11. Wannabe2

    Must Watch Netflix ( Untold Crime and Penalties) Hockey Documentary

    You have to watch this folks it’s a true documentary about the Danbury Trashers, the toughest team big time, their connection to the Mob, lots of familiar names who played in the UK.It’s a great watch believe me and enjoy.
  12. Wannabe2

    Ritchie Capt

    Well done RITCHIE, can’t fault it.
  13. Wannabe2

    Programs needed please

    Desperate for these programs if anyone can help please Season 20012002 Devils v Flyers Dec 22nd Devils v Slough Dec 23rd Devils v Edinburgh Feb 2nd Devils v Basingstoke Feb 10th If any kind soul can help please.
  14. Wannabe2

    Few Characters in the league

    Things look like toughening up a bit in the league 1. Linden Springer, Man Storm 2. David Broll, Coventry Blaze 3. Cody Sol, Glasgow Clan 4. Kyle Haas, Dundee Stars 5. Mark Louis, Cardiff Devils Expect Giants to sign a tough guy, and maybe Steelers Panthers and Flyers, certainly hope so let’s...
  15. Wannabe2

    Desperately seeking

    If the lucky person that won Doug McEwens Legend shirt would be willing to sell it, please let me know I have a few of Dougies shirts, and his play off wembley winning stick. My favourite player ever and a good friend, if you can please help I await in hope.
  16. Wannabe2

    A must watch for everyone

    BBC I Player Documentry. Storyville Red Penguins, this is a must watch for all set in Russia, it’s all about Ice Hockey, Gangsters, Striptease, a true Documentary think you might really enjoy this, I loved it. Stay Safe All.
  17. Wannabe2

    Vegas v Avalanche

    Game 3 in Vegas, full house no segragation and no masks.
  18. Wannabe2

    Ben Blood

    Ben Blood released by tappara destination unknown.
  19. Wannabe2

    Tough guys

    Okay guys who is the tough guy you would have loved to have seen in our Lush colours, for me it’s Mike MacWilliams buddy Barry Nieckar.
  20. Wannabe2

    EIHL Webcast

    Watching Storm v Blaze webcast tonight, my 4th game and I must say the product so far end of 1st is first class, great commentary these guys really are the dogs, great coverage pictures really crisp, great replays. Must say 8 imports compared to the normal 13 the quality is pretty damn good...