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  1. Chris

    Devils Antibullying Videos

    Whilst the sentiment is admirable, we're not going to start censoring people for having an opinion one way or another. That is why the ignore function exists on the forum. We've gone out of our way to let people post what they pretty much want for the last 10 years, mainly because previous...
  2. Chris

    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov - League

    We actually had an interview ready to go with Bowns, and one lined up with Reddick to try and address what had gone on last season, but due to the comments from some people on here the club has pulled any access we had to players, staff or anyone else, so that was the end of the Q&As :( The...
  3. Chris

    Jr Devils at MK game last night

    So this thread is unlocked again, we've done a bit of moderation on it but otherwise the thread starter hasn't broken any of the forum rules. We'd like to suggest that people replying have a read of the following thread before flying off the handle again...
  4. Chris

    Devils Vs Flyers - 7 Nov - League

    Funnily enough i've been starting to wonder that :confused: It's almost like they're purposely going out of their way to post things that 90% of the fans seem to disagree with :rolleyes:
  5. Chris

    Steelers lose again

    Thing is, weren't our situation and their current one completely different? It's not as if they've fired Thompson and replaced him with Tony on the bench is it? They appear to have recruited an absolutely terrible team, that's not crumbling and I'm sure they will bounce back at some point...
  6. Chris

    4pm Faceoff ...

    Why? Because someone called you out for getting completely the wrong end of the stick on @Wannabe2 and his post? Nah, I don't buy that. You got it wrong and got called out for it, that isn't the forums fault.
  7. Chris

    Confused..2 user names.

    The original account still exists. The forum does not automatically tell anyone what their username is, that will be locally saved information. What error is it giving you for the 'other' username? Also, why do you need 2 usernames in the first place? :confused:
  8. Chris

    Devils Vs Blaze Pre-Season Spectacular 25th/26th Aug 2018

    What is/was the score tonight?
  9. Chris

    Forum Upgrade

    I think it will be related to the inbuilt 'rewards' system the forum software has, on other forums it tends to dish out points when you make your first post, get 10 likes, make 100 posts etc etc. I can't actually see anything against anyones names at the moment though, so possibly i've broken...
  10. Chris

    Last player announcement!!

    That's good to hear :) If you want to keep going wit hthe incredibly cryptic hints though, that would be fine :D
  11. Chris

    Last player announcement!!

    It's almost as if someone involved with the club can't keep things quiet. I think I liked it best the first season with the new owners where we just had surprise announcements out of the blue :(
  12. Chris


    Money has never been the issue with MNL, we've always managed to pay for the hosting. The problem is that we don't have a replacement for OJ for all the games, despite our efforts we didn't find someone who could commit the time required for all of the games. We were hugely lucky that OJ...
  13. Chris


    Afraid it's a no and no. We never managed to find a replacement for OJ and only providing spotty coverage seems less than ideal.
  14. Chris

    Early face off times

    Ah but it's much easier to blame the 'people' on the forum than it is to say something directly on Twitter isn't it. We've been tagged in a few things blaming the forum for all of the negativity and whatever has been sent to Todd, apparently the bear pit that is Twitter doesn't exist or these...
  15. Chris


    Aled: John: &
  16. Chris

    Early face off times

    Wouldn't this have been a perfect thing to raise with the fan council? If it even still exists/runs? Anyone know if that did happen? I can see both sides, but I just don't understand why the club change their mind after season tickets are on sale?
  17. Chris

    Your most memorable moment from the WNIR

    1. Challenge cup final because it was simply brilliant! 2. London Racers final game. 3. The final game in the WNIR with everyone on the ice at the end of the game! Just generally the crash and bang style of hockey we played towards the end of the WNIR is a pretty good memory :)
  18. Chris

    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    We've nevr changed the rules on here, it's always been open for pretty much anyone to post anything about anything, at least if it's ice hockey related. Unfortunately that has generally led to many different peaks and troughs over the years, but I doubt we'll change how we moderate anything...
  19. Chris

    Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All Teams 2018/2019

    I'll try and get around to it this week sometime. Sort of lost the excitement at the moment.
  20. Chris

    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    Well as we've just been told that we're no longer welcome to speak to players or staff of the Devils, hopefully the kids and whoever else does interviews with the players can make the best of the opportunity. Wouldn't say that it is necessarily bad, but I was certainly hoping/expecting a player...