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  1. Benny B

    IAW bar prices

    I'll be cutting down on the match night drinks from now on, as I had to sell a kidney this morning to cover this weekends double header bar tab!
  2. Benny B

    IAW bar prices

    New sign behind main bar states all pints are £4.50, no mention of glass deposits as in Nottingham. Staff also mentioned that there have been no increases in the 3 previous years, and this would bring prices in line with other rinks.
  3. Benny B

    Tonight's game v Panthers.

    I've managed to get some. Thanks for looking.
  4. Benny B

    Tonight's game v Panthers.

    Does anybody have a pair of tickets for tonight's game going spare?
  5. Benny B

    Block of 4 tickets for Devils v Dundee 11/03/17

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have a 4 block of tickets for Cardiff Devils v Dundee Stars at 7pm on the 11th March. The seats are in Block 11, K7 to K10 inclusive. I've checked the ticket booking site and there are only about 30 tickets left for this match and none are blocked together! If...
  6. Benny B

    Anywhere in town showing Cup final?

    Copy of second email from Shooters..... Hi Ben, So I’ve just been informed that we will now be showing the Cardiff Devils game this Sunday in Shooters. If you wish to book a table for this please give us a call on 08455 333 000. Thanks, Jacob Bookings and Events Team
  7. Benny B

    Shirt off his back

    Not normally a SOHB ticket buyer, but made an exception tonight. Won't be rushing to buy any more!