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  1. Bazza

    Devils Vs Flames - Sat 27 Oct - CC

    What - that it is his first game this season after just getting back to the UK? I am sure he knows better than the rest of us if it is correct!! :-)
  2. Bazza

    Devils Vs Växjö Lakers - Tue 16 Oct - CHL

    Loved the game. Was superb to watch, gutted finished as it did. 2nd period we seemed to come out really wanting to put the hits in which seemed to throw them off a bit and we looked so good. Agree with comments that there were some very poor refereeing calls. One guy skated holding Linglet's...
  3. Bazza

    Penalty Shots

    I have always thought that if you get a penalty shot and miss then the 2 mins should then be served...just my rule change thought!! :-)
  4. Bazza

    Devils Parking update

    They had the key last week when rented it to a TV crew for all the catering vans!!!
  5. Bazza

    Devils Parking update

    Just as parking gets a positive step forward a load of travellers arrived last night and broke in to the old rink area!!
  6. Bazza

    Happy Birthday Us

  7. Bazza

    Season is back underway.

    Ignore my previous - new website has silly drop downs for cup and league!!!! My bad!!!
  8. Bazza

    Season is back underway.

    For some reason our Saturday game does not get a mention on Elite League website!!
  9. Bazza

    Game Night Parking

    Looks like lots of tickets issued last night
  10. Bazza

    Game Night Parking

    Think you are missing the point/over-complicating things or just trying to argue for fun. Whilst the site is empty, and not being used, and the fact some of the steel barriers seem to be down/missing then with some kind of agreement then surely the club could manage it on game nights by...
  11. Bazza

    Game Night Parking

    Hence comment 'manage it'. Do it properly WITH PERMISSION. Just a suggestion - FFS!
  12. Bazza

    Game Night Parking

    There are cars in there every day - no idea what they are doing though! The silver barriers seem to be down in the middle section - just a couple of cones there. Only enough width for 1 car to get in or out I think but could easily be used as a one way (in then out) option for match day. Just...
  13. Bazza

    EIHL Predictions ......

    1 - Devils 2 - Panthers 3 - Giants 4 - Steelers 5 - Storm 6 - Clan 7 - Blaze 8 - Flames 9 - Stars 10 - Flyers 11 - Ligthning
  14. Bazza

    season tickets
  15. Bazza

    IAW bar prices

    Guessing still no Dr Pepper on tap then???!
  16. Bazza

    IAW bar prices

    Or did they increase it ahead of the boxing??
  17. Bazza

    Tidy like...

    I meant just the nationality!!! :-)
  18. Bazza

    Tidy like...

    Bit random as we are in the middle of the off season but saw saw something on BBC website yesterday that reminded me of the thing that annoys me at Devils matches - litter under the seats! Drinks/bottles/50:50 tickets/food wrappers etc. How hard is it to take your rubbish to a bin instead of...
  19. Bazza

    Signings on Monday.

    My guess - Martin, Strachan, Myers and Faryna on Monday...
  20. Bazza

    Humboldt Broncos, Saskatchewan RIP

    Terrible news