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  1. Vartel

    SC Bern Vs Devils - Sat 8th Sept 2018 / 7:45 (CEST) - CHL

    Anyone else notice the commentator is calling Bowns "Bones"?
  2. Vartel

    SC Bern Vs Devils - Sat 8th Sept 2018 / 7:45 (CEST) - CHL

    Here is the youtube link for those with a VPN:
  3. Vartel

    SC Bern Vs Devils - Sat 8th Sept 2018 / 7:45 (CEST) - CHL

    Surely for these two games, a fan with a Mon-Fri job would only need 3 days of holiday, maybe 2 if they traveled thursday before the game. With the statutory minimum being 28 days, i think most people could get that time off. They probably just prioritise their annual leave differently. I could...
  4. Vartel

    SC Bern Vs Devils - Sat 8th Sept 2018 / 7:45 (CEST) - CHL

    I have just checked the VPN in my opera browser and it seems to be working okay still. Maybe an update which i havent installed yet gets rid of it, but for now it is there. Will try to get youtube stream on it this evening
  5. Vartel

    Devils Vs Red Bull Salzburg -Thu 30th Aug 2018 / 7:30pm - CHL

    Lord can't believe the ineptitude of the refs not calling the correct penalties. One good thing we can take from this so far is how good Ben Blood looks with all his physicality and how good the devils penalty kill looks, not conceeding a goal in the first period on the penalty kill and...
  6. Vartel

    Cafe - Grazing Shed

    Let us know how it goes. Hopefully it is easy to get the refills and not massive queues
  7. Vartel

    Cafe - Grazing Shed

    I am liking the sound of that refillable drink! Can we get a pre-game burger with meal deal then get refilled drinks in every period break and at the end of the night? That adds lots of value to the deal if we can come back and get 3+ drinks out of it
  8. Vartel

    IAW bar prices

    Personally i would love to see Blue Moon and Grolsch as they are two of my favourite beers, but in a little bar like IAW i can understand them not stocking those two. I am happy with Coors and whilst not happy with the price increase, i can understand it. I will probably just have one pint less...
  9. Vartel


    Would it be possible for icetime or the devils to provide a season pass to the inferno for home games, to enable the host of MNL to watch the stream and be able to post updates without relying on texters? It doesnt fix the problem for away games, but could that help?
  10. Vartel

    IAW bar prices

    At the training session last night Todd said they have got a new bar deal with the Coors destributor, so different beer will be on tap soon, Coors, Carling and Carling Dark Fruit (assuming the cider). They are also installing a new "premium Coors bar" on the side closest to the steps up (away...
  11. Vartel

    New training jerseys

    If they dont sell them in the shop, you might still be able to get one if you are patient. I have a black devils training jersey from about 3 years ago. got it at the equipment sale for about £20-30 (cant remember exactly, got other things and Dease did me a multi-buy deal). Might be able to get...
  12. Vartel

    Devils v Giants - Sun 4 Mar 2018 - Challege Cup Final - FO 6pm - Chat/Udates

    The IAW twitter has suggested that there are still tickets avaliable for Sundays game "Tickets for this weekends challenge games here at the arena, are available on sale from reception"
  13. Vartel


    I am surprised there wasnt a compromise along the lines of allowing one player per team to go to the Olympics from the NHL, with both the player and team having the ability to veto the first choice. That would still have given USA/Canada a much higher level of players without massively...
  14. Vartel

    DEVILS v Blaze - Tue 26 (FO 6pm - home) & Wed 27 (FO 7:30pm (away) ) Dec 2017 - League - Chat/Updat

    Question to those who know the rules better than i do. It seemed like a shocking number of non-calls on obvious penalties by Blaze players who got nothing. The off the play trip during extra time seems like the refs just didnt see it, but there were a few others where they clearly saw or were...
  15. Vartel

    Manchester Storm v Cardiff Devils - Sat 2 Dec 2017 - League - FO 7pm - Chat/Updates

    Watching the stream. The delay of game penalty on the storm goalie seems very harsh. goal knocked off in the course of saving a puck. Similar things happened in bbt every week without penalty edit, the storm commentators are getting more bias in favour of the storm as the game goes on
  16. Vartel

    Devils v MK Lightning - Sat 9 Sep 2017 - Challenge cup - FO 7pm - Chat/Updates

    Fair then. I didn't remember Icetime doing the price increase on the day/discount if bought early
  17. Vartel

    Devils v MK Lightning - Sat 9 Sep 2017 - Challenge cup - FO 7pm - Chat/Updates

    The icetime stream is £8 if bought today, or £10 if bought on the day of the game. I can't remember the prices from last season, but seems like an increase to me
  18. Vartel

    Parking this weekend?

    There is a midnight opening of Toys-R-Us for a special release of Star Wars toys (for the next movie which comes out in December). So their carpark might be left open tomorrow to allow those going to the midnight opening to get in/out. Although they might still lock up the car park as normal and...
  19. Vartel

    HC Davos v Devils - Thurs 24th Aug 2017 / 7.45

    Here is the link to the official website for the official youtube stream. It has been geo-blocked for the UK. Friendly reminder for those not aware, the Opera browser has a free built in VPN, which is fast enough for the stream to work...
  20. Vartel

    Devils Vs Krefeld Pinguine - Sun 20 Aug 2017 / 6:00pm

    I thought Haddad's goal was funny, he didnt seem to realise that he had scored. It looked from where i was sat in block 17 that the rebound came off his skate and went in, with him only realising he scored from the crowds cheer, then he turned around and saw