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    This may be helpful

    I work in Sports Direct in Cardiff so I won't be any help unless you want some new trainers when we're back open haha!
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    Best place for framing jerseys?

    Yeah I want whatever is best really! Got a signed/game worn Mike Modano jersey that i'd like framed but it is just in a plastic cover bag for now haha
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    Best place for framing jerseys?

    Thanks guys, will check em out indeed.
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    Best place for framing jerseys?

    Any good jersey framing places around Cardiff/Vale of Glamorgan area? Moving to Barry in a few weeks so I wanna try and get one sorted for my new place. (Obviously if they're open due to covid)
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    Champions Hockey League 2021/2022

    Agreed, I'm glad they didn't give the spot to whoever is gonna win the elite series.
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    Champions Hockey League 2021/2022

    Good to see that we're in the CHL for this upcoming season as decided by the CHL Board.
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    Elite Series

    The Elite Series has been confirmed for next month for Steelers, Panthers, Storm and Blaze.
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    celebrity/famous Devils fans

    Alex Vlahos from the TV programme Versailles, i've seen him at a few games
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    NHL to start in January ....

    1st Period in Flyers v Penguins done. 2-1 lead to the flyers, really good to see some hockey back. Premier Sports are doing a month free if you use code NHL2021 apparently.
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    New CHL Jersey

    Not a massive of fan of that
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    Merry Xmas, and a Massively better New Year

    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Lets hope for some Devils hockey this year at some point.
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    Favourite Jersey

    As a Dallas Fan I absolutely love this jersey! Wish they went back to the mooterus jersey though for the retro throwbacks!
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    Devils Vs Flames - 22 Feb 20 - League

    First game in a long time i've felt good about the team. Dixon hit was bad and I thought we would miss him for the rest of the game but surprisingly held up well. Defence was solid, especially the Jardine/Morrisson line. Bownsy had a good game also. It's been great to have Mosey back too, didn't...
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    Devils Vs Steelers - 18 Jan 20 - League

    Did anyone also see the lad in the Nottingham jersey in the away end too?
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    Devils Vs Steelers - 18 Jan 20 - League

    Great atmosphere and a good game, Refs missed a load of calls which is obviously frustrating. Bownsy didn't have a great night again. Lets hope Belfast do us a good one and beat Sheffield tomorrow and we beat Dundee.
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    Blaze Vs Devils - 31 Dec 19 - League (4.30 FO)

    Awful game, guess everyone was on the New Years hangover. They should of gotten more stuck in to try and get some penalties but it was all just a bit of a mess. Onwards to Sunday
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    Two more points

    A win is a win, looks like Shaone Morrissonn is the new king for giving away penalties lately