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    New York rangers v Boston Bruins live on freesports tomorrow 6pm uk time.
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    Season Over ?

    After yesterdays announcement of another lockdown in january has put paid to this season , firmly believe this lockdown will be extended to the end of March at least , just hope we can get the show on the road early September...
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    We know there wont be a season until sept 21 at least, but will there be a drop off point for our annual air the beasr as the kids still need them...
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    Gutted that canvas of blair riley is being raffled off from the main bar, know he was not here long but what a fantastic print to let go, things must be desperate down at the IAW, whats next, the banners from the rafters ?
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    GAME 7

    freesports tonight 9pm Dallas v colarado game 7
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    was gonna buy an item from the 50% MEGA sale today from the Devils shop , the item cost less than the 7.00 delivery charge...not happy..didnt bother...
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    Todds Q&A

    Like many others I dont do twitter , anything intresting after his Q&A last night....
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    Continental cup cancelled...

    Sheffields involvment in this comp is over before it started.. CHL will follow ...
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    Matt Myers

    Congrats Matt on what would have been your testimonial game today, just a few words, first met you in the WNIR block 1 , you were a terror then, running around all over the place, your mum was a wreck by the end of the games, serious though what a player you turned out to be, true proffesional...
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    Rumour mill

    With the season long gone has anyone heard of rumours regarding players , coaches and anything else worth noting in these gloomy past months for most of us...
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    season tkts

    has anyone applied for a season ticket have had confirmation from go cardless regarding next payment due on april 1st..
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    I know coaches dont discuss these things , has anyone got updates on pope coming into our final month of hockey, was he at the rink friday or sunday ?
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    Time to regroup after the cup final , next weekend is big and tougher than normal, guildford will be raring to go after a fortnight rest and Dundee no game saturday before they play us on sunday, we need to play as we did friday just gone , anything less tan 60 minute full blooded hockey and we...
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    Anyone think the playoffs will be a doubt regarding the escalating number of cases in uk the govt on verge of postponing any sporting event which hold 5000 plus fans
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    Anyone know if our owners are in Devil land for the cup final..?
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    Healthy scratch

    If the same squad is available as last game who would fans prefer to leave out of tonights game, myself would have Louis back give benti a rest and have reddick up front.
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    Cup final...

    As the devils are the away team in the final what are fans thoughts on choice of shirts on the choice is black ...hope its not red as orange and red could be a bit of a colour clash for tv viewers..
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    CC. SEMI

    looking at ticket sales for the home game look grim at this stage, reckon half sold looking at plan.. begs to wonder why the prices were not reduced for this game like panthers away 2nd leg which i believe are tenner adults and fiver kids..
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    Quick question , who looks after our players on the fitness side of things or are they left to their own devices in the Gym or is the training on the ice good enough to keep the fitness up..
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    Cup Semi

    Anyone know when tickets are on sale for this fixture please jan 22nd 2020 v Nottingham..