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  1. NathanG

    This may be helpful

    Correct. Based in Llansamlet.
  2. NathanG

    This may be helpful

    Production Line leader at a company that manufactures hair removal devices. Probably no use to anyone.
  3. NathanG

    Champions Hockey League 2021/2022

    Absolutely over the moon with this!! Hopefully EU nations get their acts together with their vaccine rollouts so travel will be permitted. That's always a great trip!!
  4. NathanG

    If we get a season 21/22

    We should be fine by September if all age groups get the vaccine. I cannot wait for hockey to return!!
  5. NathanG

    Devils in ECHL

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that Portugal do the same.
  6. NathanG

    Devils in ECHL

    It's fine to leave the country. You have to wear masks on planes. In addition to that, the countries I visited last year, wearing a mask was mandatory in public, long before it was in the UK. All in all, I felt "safe."
  7. NathanG

    Lord wins

    Florida Panthers can have fans too but Tampa Bay didn't when I watched their game the other night. Florida is a Republican state along with South Carolina.
  8. NathanG

    Neil Black Panthers Owner hoping for a start

    Wales is the worst performing home nation so yes. Anything and anyone but Welsh Labour
  9. NathanG

    Neil Black Panthers Owner hoping for a start

    They'll probably follow suit now that the Scots have. They tried to go it alone with their little firebreak lockdown. We all know how that went.... Utter shambles of an administration.
  10. NathanG


    Fingers crossed this vaccine gets rolled out to the masses ASAP.
  11. NathanG

    Government Announces Rescue Package

    Don't worry about it, I don't think Dreadford is scouring this forum for wisdom.
  12. NathanG

    Shortened season confirmed by Panthers?

    I'd love to watch some kind of hockey. Saves me taking a trip onto the continent as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.
  13. NathanG

    Mark Louis KO punch

    Cracking punch. Hope the guys okay.
  14. NathanG

    Any updates on our Devils players in Europe

    Would be a shame if Haddad lost a year
  15. NathanG

    Bownsy at Graz

    Maybe we could have a thread with updates on our guys that are playing elsewhere this season.
  16. NathanG

    Official: 2020-2021 League suspended

    Did I break the law? (answers no). Do I follow guidlines set by our government and by the governments of the countries I choose to visit. Yep. So on your bike Gary. People can do as they please as far as I'm concerned. But I won't take sly back handed digs from someone that hides behind a...
  17. NathanG

    Official: 2020-2021 League suspended

    You are boring the tits off me now fella. I don't care.
  18. NathanG

    Official: 2020-2021 League suspended

    I live for travelling and meeting people. It's my biggest passion in life. Not going away when I had the opportunity would have been detrimental to my mental health, which I put above everything. Especially a virus that is so deadly, you need a test to even have any indication that you have it...
  19. NathanG

    Official: 2020-2021 League suspended

    LOL okay cheers for your input. Life goes on. Besides, isn't the rise in cases due to close family transmission? I did absolutely nothing wrong and when I returned i kept my distance from everyone ( not that I feel the need to justify myself) . If anything, it was safer in italy/Netherlands as...
  20. NathanG

    Mosey moves on

    I cannot wait to get over there in the coming months!!