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    4pm Faceoff ...

    There is only 1 way to settle this (I'm really surprised Todd hasn't thought about this one!) ..... We need to have ......... Face off time chuck a puck ! If you love 6pm faceoff's you buy a 6pm puck. If you love 5pm faceoff's you but a 5pm puck. If you love 4pm faceoff's you buy a 4pm puck...
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    Top man, top food, maybe didn't fit the corporate side of things the Devils seem to be aiming for.
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    Devils Vs Flyers - Sun 21 Oct - League

    Stop Gushing !! :):):):):)
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    Devils Vs Steelers - Sat 20 Oct - League

    Normally he’d say “Well David, it’s not good enough but we’ll dust ourselves down and go again”. Oh hang on Thommo ... there is no again!
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    4pm Faceoff ...

    The flush in trap 2 next to the bar by block 15 doesn’t flush very well.
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    4pm Faceoff ...

    Not a fan to be honest - quite a few empty seats and the atmosphere was a bit flat also. Can we get back to normal next season - it's worked well for nigh on 30 years !
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    The ACH Is a top tier Senior league in Ontario. There are some decent players in the league but I’m sure Hoth could play at a higher level than that (if he wanted to).
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    Paul Crowder

    If we don’t win it, I’d love to see Fife end up as Champions. Fantastic heritage there and I struggle to remember when they won something last (fifer - can you enlighten us)? It’s also a refreshing change from the Giants, Steelers, Panthers triumvirate.
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    EIHL Predictions ......

    Rob (Batch) prediction is probably looking the most accurate at the moment in terms of the positioning for Devils, Fife, Panthers and Steelers. Suffice to say, nobody predicted them in last place :):)
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    Devils Vs Växjö Lakers - Tue 16 Oct - CHL

    Gutted I’m missing this one - I bought a ticket and mistook it for being next Tuesday :(:(:( Idiot!
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    Confused..2 user names.

    Looks like Mike Ware`s Office is Closed :) Gotta keep up those landlord payments !
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    Paul Crowder

    Linglet + Hedden + Dixon = 19 Points. Crowder = 17 points. Food for thought.
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    Paul Crowder

    He's doing it again! Another 2pts v Guildford tonight with the game still in progress.
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    Ice Hockey betting

    Looking promising at the moment for you.
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    Cookies are done :-)

    Benny Blood @ Assat. Always comes across as a very gracious and thankful person. Respect.
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    Paul Crowder

    His point production per game is the highest in the entire league at the moment! Will be interesting to see how he performs this season after only coming back into the sport last year.
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    Mk v panthers.

    I heard that in between all the fights a few goals were scored. Looking forward to seeing the highlights on this one.
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    Paul Crowder

    Great start to the season for Fife, averaging 2.5 pts per game in the EIHL. Hope this one doesn't come back to bite us.
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    Panthers Vs Devils - Wed 26 Sept - League

    To be honest, I'm glad the Panthers are super competitive this season. Last season I think we all knew months before the season ended that we'd already won the title barring a complete capitulation. At least this season will be more interesting.
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    Rupert Brothers depart Sheffield

    Thommo is a busted flush. He recruited those players - he has to stand by his bad recruitment. Don't blame the players you muppet, you recruited them! Can't fire them up - then that's your fault also! ... and when your getting interviewed after a loss, stop searching around the room for...