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    Any updates on our Devils players in Europe

    It's conceivable that I'm just a moron, but can someone please explain to me in simple terms what on earth the 'Ben Bowns - Austria' section of the Devils provided update ( actually means? The regular season is over for...
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    New CHL format for 20/21

    Hi, just a quick reply. I enjoy the podcast, particularly because I'm an exiled Devils fan to it's great to have that Devils chat even if it's one way. Regarding the CHL change, I understand why they have done it and it makes the most sense both in terms of player/fan safety and it also gives...
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    Tickets on sale monday for cc final.

    Had a trio of tickets selected.....on 4 separate occasions. Clicked 'Add to Basket and Go To Checkout'. Then got 'Theres nothing in your basket'. Oh well maybe the squeelers wont sell all their tickets and they'll be another free-for-all in a week or so.
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    Couple of Devils stats

    For my 2 penneth worth I think a lot of the criticism for Linglet is due to the fact that he was utterly un-playable during our (comical) 4 game "playoffs" [and fyi I love POFW as much as anyone] and that during the CHL games (particularly the first 3) he carried that on AND hit anything that...
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    Stars to beat the Blaze
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    Flames to beat Blaze
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    This statement from Planet Ice seems a bit rich as they appear to be taking some sort of moral high ground. Isn't it the same company who's business model seems to be 'Do no maintenance, of any kind, EVER' coupled with having the least amount of staff and squeezing every possible penny out of...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 14 Apr 19 - Play Off Final Mega Game

    As mentioned on the Semi-Final thread. My Wife is unable to make today's action at the NIC (due to commitments with her uni course) so I have an Adult ticket going spare for today. I will be in Nottingham from about 11ish so if someone needs a ticket please drop me a message on here. Wannabe...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 13 Apr 19 - Play Off Semi Final Spectacular

    Face value - £42. I paid the early bird price
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 13 Apr 19 - Play Off Semi Final Spectacular

    I've got one ticket for sale in Block 17, row C. My wife came with me today but she can't come tomorrow.
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    Sorry, I didn't mean the webcasts were erratic/sporadic when I watch them. I meant that I am only able to watch a webcast sporadically as I am all over the place with work. In my (I admit limited) experience the webcast it has always worked well for me. I use a Samsung Note Pro Tablet and I have...
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    I'm pretty gutted by this, as a exiled Devil my wife and I always make sure we make it to the Playoffs to get our Devils fix (in addition to sporadic Webcasts, home games and away games when work allows). I'm currently in Minnesota with work, and will be in Colorado when the tickets go on sale...
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    That makes sense, cheers. As you can probably guess I'm not exactly a hardcore gambler. My concern was if that particular bookie has walked away from EIHL betting and therefore I would have to chase them to pay out.
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    I think this is the most suitable thread for this. I put a bet on with Paddy Power having witnessed Tyson Strachan's debut for the Devils to win the Elite League ragular season (@ 5 to 1). The team have done the business but my bet is still 'Awaiting Result'?! Am I being daft or is this standard...
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    Every other event in the Motorpoint arena lets you select a seat, why is it that for POFW you have to play the seats slot machine? Either way, having 'pulled the lever' for 10minutes I gave up and accepted that I was in the nosebleed seats which come with a vertigo warning. I'm sure it will be...
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    Play Off weekend 17/18

    Very minor point, I thought it might be worth sharing my experience at the POFW. The last two years I have booked my hotel for my wife and I relatively late (I booked after I had the Playoff Tickets purchased and in my inbox as I was concerned about not getting tickets) and ended up at the St...
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    Devils v Stars - Sat 8 Apr 2017 - Championship Semi-Final - FO 1pm - Chat/Updates

    Really looking forward to the weekend, as others have said lets hope that the Devils can play without too much pressure of a potential Grand Slam. The big debate is going to be "who sits?". Personally I'd bench Bordeleau for the semi-final. I can't see Dundee trying to play physical and with...
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    IAW needs more seats.

    All of the press-releases concerning the proposed planet ice rink (from 2011) state that it was going to be 2,500 seats.
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    Ticket for a toddler??

    Thanks all, all booked and yeah you are all correct. We don't have to pay for the toddler. Happy days and thanks for the help
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    Ticket for a toddler??

    Hi all, I have posted on here a few times before and have received some great help. I'm a Devils exile (I left Cardiff for a new job) but I probably get to 8-10 games a season. I'm looking to get some tickets for Friday 23rd December vs Storm and my mate wants to come with his wife. They are...