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    Neil Black Panthers Owner hoping for a start

    Would be amazed if it goes ahead especially 4 week lockdown in most parts after xmas
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    Shortened season confirmed by Panthers?

    Ah well we got lawday and Murdy to start in net, plus max 3 imports i suppose... may watch a game to order on line , and as long as its not a season ticket game, fine by me...
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    Shortened season confirmed by Panthers?

    thought indoor sports were banned after dec 2nd in england, and wouldnt surprise me if that is extended in january after the xmas get togethers...
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    Government Announces Rescue Package

    doubt he will get my vote in all the dithering he does.
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    Joey Martin interview

    Sheffield steeldogs
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    Mike McNamee....

    Duba has retired .
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    Government Announces Rescue Package

    Off the rails a bit but heard somewhere England rugby union had 132 million and Wales had nowt..
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    Another epic encounter and deserved devils win, good to see lordo get one over on martinelli in the scrap, good chuckle at the final buzzer as giants wanted to cause a brawl with both benches clearing the benches, highlight of brawl was dickson trying to get bowns into a scuffle, so funny...
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    Possibly some good news.

    Off the subject Ulster v scarlets allowing 1000 fans into sundays game...promising , looking ahead..
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    Epic game, devils 3 down going into third the devils score 4 unanswered goals to take the win, great atmosphere in belfast,...those were the days...
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    Mark Louis KO punch

    Wowzer...shame no crowd there though to soak up that 1 punch knockout...
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    Interview with Todd ......

    Good listen ..and bonus footage of Todd's fight playing for beacknell
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    Great win for the boys especialy with 3 key players out, shocked to see that Peron played after thet cowardly hit from behind on cullen the previous week, and something i didnt know shannon mentioned that Peron spat on cullen while he was down injured, shocked if that was the case...and wow that...
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    Just watched the game, thought sheffield were the better team on the night, devils passing was not up to scratch on times, that hit by Peron gotta to be the worst ever seen at the WNIR, my seat was not far from there , even that was shaking, I know davison was first to get at peron but its a...
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    Good point..
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    We know there wont be a season until sept 21 at least, but will there be a drop off point for our annual air the beasr as the kids still need them...
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    Season so far

    Balcony needs a refurb, dust and flaking paint everywhere, security non existent, oh and lift not working...on the playing side D awful as we got no netties in place yet, owners cant be bothered to visit, out of character with them...the only good thing to come out of this is we wont see the...
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    Could be worse Golf and Tennis borefest...
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    New Jerseys

    Ok thank you pjj
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    New Jerseys

    Just checked online , the adult ones are a from price of £70.00.. £.90.00 listed ...on website