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    Matt joins ???

    I noticed today that his house is up for sale. As I believe he has been working on a house in West Wales? (but I don’t know if it’s for himself), together with the ambiguous statement from the devils about him keeping his options open for this year (whereas other press releases have mentioned...
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    Ex players current jobs.

    That’s what I thought but looks like he’s a recruitment consultant
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    20/21 Squad

    This info’s been posted on Twitter by @steelers_1991
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    Devils vs Storm - 5 Oct 19 - League

    No, but Lord did say in the programme this week that ‘we’re doing our best to get them back as soon as possible and hope to be at full strength for the CHL’. Fingers crossed then.
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    Songs and Chants suggestions thread

    Can someone who went to the CHL games fill us in on any other new chants from there pls?
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    Devils vs MAC Újbuda - 25 Aug 19 - Preseason

    No unfortunately, there’s no stream tonight.
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    Potential lines?

    I was somewhat disappointed that JD addressed this topic, as I’m not sure it helps to keep bringing up the negativity within the fanbase. Mud sticks after a while, and I’d hate to think of the club being seen in a negative light after doing so well since the new ownership in achieving the...
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    I wonder if they’re saving him for a ‘Mega Monday’ type event when he’s back in the UK?
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    Coaches Q&A

    What a refreshingly honest interview. I enjoyed that. Would love to see us do something similar. With just over 10 weeks to the first pre-season game, it would be great to hear something from the coaching/management team to keep us engaged.
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    I’ve been intrigued by this guy’s tweets so it must be the one they’re referring to He predicted Long’s move weeks ago and seems to be sure of his info! He’s predicted a big Clan move (Russell?) and a Cardiff offer out on Dwyer, and confirmation of Riley, Linglet signing. Interesting.
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    CHL and flags

    Love that idea!
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    Devils Vs MKL - 30 Mar 19 - League

    Re Livingston - I believe there is an unwritten rule, that last man in is the one dropped if you need a healthy scratch at the end of a campaign?
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    I know a friend queued from 8.00 and got their tickets at 12.45. Apparently they were around #470 at that point.
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    Devils Vs Giants - 19+20 Jan 19 - League

    What a night all round! Atmosphere, game, and full bar afterwards so nice bit of extra revenue generated. Great crowd warm up, and nice to hear the player chants start to be played. The more these are after goals, big hits etc the sooner everyone will catch on. Well done all.
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    Songs and Chants suggestions thread

    I really like this. Short, catchy, easy to learn.
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    Ticket needed for 27th December v coventry

    I have a spare ticket if you want to message me?
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    Fan Council Updates

    I feel the only answer to this is introducing a ‘family block’ with a steward assigned to ensure people keep it clean etc. Other than that, I think it’s unlikely you’re going to stop people who swear on a regular basis in their daily lives from doing so watching their team play, however much...
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    Enlighten Me

    To be fair it’s no different to review sites like Tripadvisor. You’re 10 times more likely to leave a review if you’ve had a negative experience rather than an average/positive one.
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    Sell Out

    I have wondered why we don’t sing the ‘we’ve got hadded...’ song more often? It’s by far the best we’ve got and it will be a mass improvement on our regular 2 ‘devil...’ chants. Any player chants could also be more utilised, and not necessarily only after a goal as they usually get drowned...
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    Man of the match

    I do believe that Todd used to pick MoM. Whether that’s still the case I don’t know.