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  1. Temme

    Mike McNamee returns for season #2
  2. Temme

    Update for season ticket holders Short version: Any season ticket holders wondering what will happen - 2 free games to start next season with (pre-season games) and also entrance to a season ticket holders event to launch 20/21. FAQ for fans also...
  3. Temme

    Jerramie Domish

    I'm reading online that ex-blaze D man Jerramie Domish has sadly passed away. Looks like he was having some troubles away from the ice after his hockey career, although no clue about the...
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    If you have no idea what this is, or want clarification on how it works, then please click here and take a look at V1: All are free to enter & there is zero cost (this is just for fun) Current champion...
  5. Temme

    One in one out at Nottingham

    William Quist has opted to return to his homeland, per Nottingham's article he was unable to settle in Nottingham. Nottingham also bring in Ryan Horvat...
  6. Temme


    Hi Guys, A little bit of fun to lighten the mood, if anyone is up for it. I'm going to try a little EIHL last man standing tournament, for The Inferno bragging rights. Rules are quite simple. Each week, you're required to pick 1 game, and a team from that game from each WEEKEND. If that team...
  7. Temme

    Belfast sign David Goodwin Hell of a pick up, just in time to play us this weekend :(
  8. Temme

    One in One out at Manchester

    Mario Puskarich leaves Henrik Samuelsson joins A first round #27 overall pick in 2012, only 25 years of age. To end up in the EIHL that quickly is actually impressive of...
  9. Temme

    Sointu moves on Sointu has moved on after his most recent contract comes to an end - hoping to find a higher league in Europe.
  10. Temme

    Devils v Blaze - Challenge Cup 30/10

    Posting as there isn't a gamethread up just yet :) I'm hearing through the grapevine that Evan Mosey MIGHT be icing tonight, It's been sent through on a whatsapp chat amongst friends so no idea though. Jardine suspended Sointu picked up what appeared to be a wrist/arm injury so i'd guess no...
  11. Temme

    Gleason Fournier #20 St. David's Day Jersey

    Gleason Fournier #20 Green St. David's Day Jersey for sale from 2017/2018. I wish i'd sold this closer to the time as i was offered a small fortune for it. As much as i love the jersey, i have more interest in spending the money on other things! Looking for £400 for it, but willing to...
  12. Temme

    Is it prediction time yet?

    Anyone brave enough to take an early ish season punt at finishing spots? # Players signed (per EP 5/8/19, some may be 2 way players): GOALIE / D / F Belfast - 3/6/12 Cardiff - 3/8/12 Nottingham - 3/7/11 Glasgow - 3/6/12 Guildford - 3/6/11 FIfe - 2/0/8 (lol...) Sheffield - 0/8/13 Coventry -...
  13. Temme

    NHL Night this Sunday vs Sheffield

    Devils have announced this Sunday will be NHL appreciation night: a really cool idea :) My initial though was poor timing (2 days after St. David's day...), but don't want to be 'that guy' to whine. I'm now torn as to which jersey...
  14. Temme

    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    URGENT POLL IF the Devils & @devils_redarmy had the opportunity of selling Playoff tickets at the arena THIS Sunday from 10 am (in person only) would you prefer that to booking as normal through the Nottingham box-office on February 4th? This is the poll currently on twitter for the Devils...
  15. Temme

    Steelers sack 3

    Buzzeo, Climie & Della Rovere are the latest 3 players released by the Steelers. It will be interesting to see who they are able to bring in as we have obviously been in a similar market ourselves until picking up...
  16. Temme

    Devils sign James Livingston
  17. Temme

    Nottingham sign Chris Stewart

    Panthers have announced the signing of Ex-NHL player Chris Stewart - 691 NHL games, playing most recently for Calgary last season. Incredible signing for our league, and one that would have been more than welcome with the Devils.
  18. Temme

    Eric Neiley MK -> Sheffield

    Eric Neiley has departed the MK Lightning to re-join Sheffield: Good signing to have back, looks a very sharp player and will bring some much needed offence...
  19. Temme

    MK coach quits MK coach has left the club citing 'personal reasons' for his decision. If he'd have waited another month they could have signed Thommo straight from the DEL after he's shown the door.
  20. Temme

    Patrick Asselin signs in Germany the same team he played for 10 years ago. Interesting signing, i thought he had retired to pursue photography full-time, but obviously no! Best of luck to him with his new team! article below: link...