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  1. Gazr76

    New Devils coach found!

    Opps haha. Think someone was a bit trigger happy there.
  2. Gazr76

    Which team has been the best?

    As we've got some hockey downtime I was interested in your answers to a question. Since IAW/Viola opened its doors, which Cardiff Devils team do you think has been the best? I think for me it's the team which competed in the 2018-2019 season.
  3. Gazr76

    One Ice Rink Re-Opens

    Out of interest , does IAW have a sand or concrete base?
  4. Gazr76

    New Coach.....

    Ocko, thanks for this. Interesting. What's the difference in the cost of a NHL ticket for the Canes vs ECHL for the Swamps?
  5. Gazr76

    Programme archive

    I would be very interested in reading them if you did this.
  6. Gazr76

    Ex players current jobs.

    Ivan Matulik works at Key West Ford in British Columbia. Dennis Maxwell is a scout for the New York Islanders.
  7. Gazr76

    Random question on old Trophies

    Random question. The original sports village which started to be discussed in the mid 1990's (i think), had plans for a bigger arena (15,000 capacity?), if I remember correctly. Had it actually happened, would this have also been located in the Cardiff Pointe area?
  8. Gazr76

    Cardiff Devils fans regret

    Is there a player you regret we didn't sign when it looked like we would? Glenn Anderson - But he wanted silly money Is there a game you regret not going to? Graz 99'ers v Cardiff Devils 7 Sept 2019 Is there a player you regret seeing go? Impossible to name one. Top 4 (in no particular order) ...
  9. Gazr76

    Random question on old Trophies

    Are all the old Devils Superleague, Heineken league etc trophies still about somewhere? I remember these being in a glass cabinet back in the WNIR in the old days, and I don’t recall seeing them in The Viola anywhere.
  10. Gazr76

    BBC sports today - blast from the past

    That was awesome thanks for sharing. A little bit before my time as a Devils fan. Great to watch. Really good quality video considering the year!
  11. Gazr76

    The line from hell ......

    Tim Cranston.
  12. Gazr76

    Isolation ice hockey fantasy viewing.

    Glynn was this game filmed?
  13. Gazr76

    Minor league hockey players job fears article Tom Parisi interviewed in this. Tough times ahead.
  14. Gazr76

    Isolation ice hockey fantasy viewing.

    I was there that night and will never forget it for as long as I live. What a game!!
  15. Gazr76

    Andre payette

    According to someone on THF: 'He was discharged from hospital and dropped off at an unknown house by the police. He has since gone off the radar again with his family reporting his phone has been stolen. Worrying time for them being so far away and unable to do anything. It seems he isn't ready...
  16. Gazr76

    Who thinks the league will complete its games

    I also think (in line with what has just happend to the NBA) if a player in the elite league tests positive that will be it. Season suspended.
  17. Gazr76


    Ah i see. Why bother advertising that you have jerseys for sale if you don't really want to sell them? Frustrating.
  18. Gazr76


    Anyone know how to contact 'The Devil' besides on here? I have sent him a DM as i am interested in one of his jerseys but I have not had a response.
  19. Gazr76

    Devils vs Clan - 01 Dec 19 - League

    So to all those who said there should be some player terminations here and new guys brought in: still feel the same way? I know a swallow doesnt make a summer, but just wondered.
  20. Gazr76

    Steelers vs Devils - 30 Nov 19 - League

    This one ain't gonna be pretty I am afraid. Pains me to say it but Sheffield are on the way up. Cardiff loose 1-5