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  1. Dai Vader

    Fold up seats

    Does anybody know why there are folding seats dotted around the arena
  2. Dai Vader

    Brent Pope

    Is Brent still working for the Devils? or has he gone back home for christmas, ain't seen him for a while. (apologies if i missed a post about this)
  3. Dai Vader

    Mike Urquhart and Alex Symonds Devils jerseys on

    If Anyone who comes on this forum knows of any Devils fans who have bought these jerseys off, Mike Urquhart Cardiff Devils 1st season ebay number 150600849864 and an Alex Symonds 2006 playoff jersey ebay item number 150600559267 please DO NOT pay for them, this is a SCAM. I sold the...
  4. Dai Vader

    Matzka Gone

    Looks like Scott Matzka is joining French team Morzine Avoriaz for next season the same team Lyle played for in2006-2007. :( Good luck to him though.
  5. Dai Vader

    One Question

    Why is it most other team in the league are saying Weller is class and the Blaze fans haven't even mentioned him. Thought's please :lol:
  6. Dai Vader

    Devils on Radio Wales tonight

    are the Devils live on Radio Wales tonight??
  7. Dai Vader

    A Mike Garrow and a Alex Symonds 2005/2006 playoff jerseys

    For sale. Mike Garrow. #47 white home 2005/2006 playoff jersey size XXL with A.(assistant captain) nice jersey which comes with an Elite league LOA, fightstrap and a playoff tag in hem.One of the Last jersey's worn at the old WNIR. minimal wear. Tie down. Looking for £180 or best offer, cost...
  8. Dai Vader

    Neil Francis Devils 08-09 red road set 1 jersey 4 sale

    Neil Francis Devils 08-09 red road set 1 jersey 4 sale. Won as a shirt off his back last season, but this is not a 2 period wonder it is a set 1 road jersey which was worn up until Christmas for about 15 away games, lovely game worn jersey. Asking £80.00 I can e-mail you pics, Thanks for looking.
  9. Dai Vader

    Devils on Real radio sports phone-in

    The Devils are on the phone in from 6pm tomorrow night tuesday 15th sept
  10. Dai Vader

    Mark Smith

    Does anyone know if Mark sustained a serious injury against Hull? hope it was nothing major and he will be back on the ice soon.
  11. Dai Vader

    Matt Elich

    What a great addition this guy has been to the line-up, his work rate is immense aswell as the rest of the team, but i think this guy deserves a contract for next season, as long as he wants to come back, what does everyone else think?
  12. Dai Vader

    Devils new Arena

    Here it is Folks, the Cardiff devils proposed new home set amongst the new housing development down the bay.............. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Dai Vader

    Ice hockey now on EUROSPORT

    If anyone is interested, there is Hockey now on British Eurosport, not on for much longer i think its the spengler cup. There are more games on tomorrow aswell.
  14. Dai Vader

    Boxing day face off time

    Anyone know the face off time for the boxing day game, thanks