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    New Devils coach found!

    What an amazingly insightful interview with Murph there. That's some process that Todd put in place, so refreshing to hear what they put him through in terms of his long term fit. Brilliant stuff. Well done Todd and Welcome Jarrod. Exciting times ahead.
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    My interpretation of Owners Statement

    It was a good rallying call from Todd backed up by some positive tweets by the owners. At the end of the day the owners know how feasible it is to keep running the club. Raffles etc are the only way to support the club right now so it was a positive statement to put out. It didn't do any harm...
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    Gleason Fournier Leaves The Devils

    Not seen a player skate like that since Dougie. Superb player. Coast to coast memories aplenty. Thank you Gleason. Best of luck.
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    Be interested to get 44's take on the game and Boniface. Should have asked him when he took over twitter. It was cray. Thanks for another walk down memory lane.
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    Joey Martin on a One Year Deal to Norway

    Class move by the organisation and Todd. Good luck Joey. Stay injury free, fired up and ready for action in the 21/22 season.
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    Upcoming season thoughts

    That would make sense. I think my mistake is thinking that this related to the games we're missing as part of the 20/21 season given the plans to start the season in November time but if this is relating to last seasons cancellation then that puts a different slant on things. What happens to...
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    Upcoming season thoughts

    I assume season ticket holders have received the email about a match night vouchers or club shop vouchers. This is a really tricky one for me. I want to support the club but getting game night vouchers is pointless for me as the games that are on, I'll use my season ticket for so I won't need...
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    Bowns Departure Confirmed By Devils

    Great goalie. A fundamental part of the new era. A joy to watch. Some unreal saves. Too many to mention. Thank you for the memories and good luck for the future. Onwards and upwards Ben.
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    Mike McNamee returns for season #2

    Cracking re-signing. Very pleased with this. Certainly wasn’t expecting his name out at this stage.
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    Signing announcement

    Important to lock up the Brits. Another good signing.
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    Reddick signs with Atlanta Gladiators

    Loved watching him and admired his physicality when size was against him. Positionally, great and an energy player. Sounds like he was great in the dressing room too. Good luck buddy and thank you.
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    Todd’s chat today

    Credit to him. Clearly doing his best to keep us engaged. Interesting chat and very pleased to hear about the number of applicants and what they are looking for. Top man.
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    Andrew Lord

    As much as I’ve loved what Lordo did for hockey in Cardiff (he deserves all the plaudits - I’d knight him personally!!) it’s time to move on. Having his shirts in the shop isn’t great for the incoming manager and what should be a new era. Great if individuals want to buy his new shirt or new...
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    Rumour mill

    Very very happy about this. Impact, energy, goals.... great news
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    Rumour mill

    Excellent. I'll be sure to stay away from them. Thank you
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    Rumour mill

    Let's hope the 'I know more than you do' crowd don't spoil it for the rest of us before it's announced.
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    New season = rebuilding season?

    A competitive and entertaining team will do me next year. Any trophy will be a bonus. Let's just hope we get some hockey.
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    New Coach.....

    Let's hope we hear something official soon so he can be given the credit he duly deserves.
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    Andrew Lord

    My little one has grown up as part of the Lord era. I can’t thank him enough for our memories and providing us with something that we bond over time and time again. The way he’s conducted himself and the culture he’s built not just with the team but off the ice as well created a superb...
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    20/21 Squad

    Good point about disabling the chat. I wasn’t aware you could do that. Thank you for the tip. I was just gutted for my little one. Completely spoilt it as they counted down the timer only for some insecure numbnut to pipe up with a ‘I know something you don’t know’ comment ‍♂️