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    Strange Devils gift vouchers mail

    What missed games, the ones at end of March?
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    Upcoming season thoughts

    Just having a think about the upcoming season. How will CHL fit into date of league potentially starting ie. Will the players fly in some time in September, play the CHL and hang around until season starts, fly back home or will the CHL be delayed as well?
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    The future of the Elite League and its teams

    Great news. I've paid for our season tickets after a lot of deliberation. However if the league is reduced, hope that will mean we get a chance to get our money back with no admin charge as we are not getting what we paid for and what was advertised.
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    The future of the Elite League and its teams

    What have people done with regard to paying for season tickets. We have to pay for a family ticket in 8 days and I'm scared to pay out all that money with things as they stand. All I'm having from club is that they have 2 potential start dates. With the delay in getting our play off money...
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    Ticket Refunds

    Apparently Elite League are making an announcement regarding play off weekend today.
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    I'm afraid that I will be wanting my ticket money back. A big organisation like Nottingham Arena should have some sort of insurance in place for things like this. I can't afford to lose over £250 for a family ticket. If and when it gets rescheduled, I will make a decision whether I can...
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    DEL & EBEL - Coronavirus, remaining fixtures cancelled!

    I had also heard rumours that it could be cancelled. Think they will wait for a few weeks to see if the virus takes hold as much as they expect it to.
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    Kids Takeover

    Have to also compliment the club on an excellent night with the kids takeover last night. My children enjoyed it so much. Just wondered whether the photo that was taken on the ice with the players afterwards will be available to purchase.
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    Kids Game

    Yes. The club said that they would let people know if their child was successful today but not heard anything so presume it's a no.
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    Kids Game

    Anyone heard anything about this as supposed to hear today. Don't know if you hear if the answer is no.
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    Play off tickets

    I agree, very poor from the Devils point of view!! Where exactly is that money going as Nottingham had already put an arena facility fee on top of the ticket.
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    Play Off Finals Weekend

    Is there an additional booking charge this year as I'm sure we were charged extra last year.
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    White replica jersey

    Is this still available? If so, can you send me a photo please
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    Pre-season games

    Have people noticed how many empty seats are available on Saturday night. Does anyone think it's because it is expensive for a friendly game?
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    MK dropping out of elite league

    What will this mean with regards to our season tickets, less weekday games?
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    Just been told there are 80 people down rink as of 7.20 ish. Some have been queuing from midnight apparently!!!
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    Fan Council Updates

    I like the idea of baked potatoes coming back. Also could the Grazing Shed consider a meal deal for children? Mega expensive to pay for a normal size meal?
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    No young lad.
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    For the past 2 weeks the steward between block 10 and 11 has flatly refused to let us us out early and I can't understand what the issue is. Somebody got passed him tonight and he said he was going to report them!
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    Has anybody left any of the last two home games a few minutes early to avoid car park queues via the side exits?