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    Luke Piggot

    So sorry to see him go he will be a loss to our organisation. It is a great opportunity for him and will further advance his career. I am sure he will find plenty of recreational hockey in Switzerland. Many thanks Luke and best wishes.
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    Not great news for the Clan ....

    Bad news from the INTU group this morning looks as though they are in financial difficulties. One of their shopping malls is Braehead
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    New Coach.....

    Just to add some names to the pot but Sully must take a chill pill. Doug Christensen(now ECHL Coach),Mario Simioni in Denmark and an old favourite Chris McSorley
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    Recently announced that Tampa have a number of confirmed COVID cases in their squad.
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    New Coach.....

    I hope we dont get a coach from an EIHL team past or present.I believe we will be better off with a fresh guy. Please no calls for Lawless,Thommo,Finnerty etc,etc who would bring in loads of baggage. A coach recommended by Lordo would be an exception.He knows what our club needs.
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    Ex players current jobs.

    Merv Priest became a police officer i believe
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    Hi dave do you know what the arrangements are should we want to attend.

    Hi dave do you know what the arrangements are should we want to attend.
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    If the timeline is correct it could cause us problems
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    Ex players current jobs.

    Rick Kowalsky Asst Coach New Jersey Devils,Mario Simioni long career as Head Coach in Denmark Gerard Adams Post Office Manager Gloucester i believe. Bob Phillips President of the USA
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    They have announced an end to the season but will now organise the playoffs. Top 24 teams to playoff with training starting in July. Games to be played in "Hub" cities not yet selected.
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    Jim Mannings

    I am sure that most fans already know but Jim died on the weekend.
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    Rumour mill

    Player announcement Friday 1pm
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    We may be called the Devils

    Absolute nut job but a great player.
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    The Calgary Devils

    Just a message for our chief Devils in Calgary. I know all Devils fans are hoping you and your families are OK during these difficult times. Also hope your businesses are not suffering too much.
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    20/21 Squad

    I doubt this is true.Lord has a special multiyear deal. The Devils would want big compensation for him to go. having said that a team based in the Tyrol probably has big backers and they have a vacancy for a head coach. They dont seem to have many players signed yet so Lord could start with a...
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    FreeSports tomorrow

    He played under Gerard Adams and spent his time warming the bench.
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    New CHL format for 20/21

    This will stop the big clubs using first round games as training sessions. It will be tough for the Devils they will have to come out flying.
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    20/21 Squad

    Will his head fit through the locker room door?
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    Blaze re-sign

    He looks like a big loss for you
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    Blaze re-sign

    Always makes a competitive team with small budget compared to some teams.