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  1. Swarley

    The EHL...

    I was sent this by a mate who is also a Devils fan I'm curious what this might become and I'm curious what other members ideas might be as well especially as it was only registered about a week ago Everything below this post is what I was sent, it's not my views or opinions I'll post mine later...
  2. Swarley

    Devils vs frolunda tickets

    I've got two spare tickets in block 14 row E seats 3 and 4 going spare for tonight's game if anyone is interested, only asking a tenner each.
  3. Swarley

    Jersey update

    For people who don't use twitter and wanted an update on pre order jerseys.
  4. Swarley

    Justin Faryna used stick [SOLD]

    I'm thinking of parting with my used Justin Faryna stick, I'm open to reasonable offers in the range of £50 and as far as I'm aware it was use by him in either practice or an actual game. Can provide photos on request and will accept sensible offers.