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  1. jimmy snels

    Mychan Off to DEL2
  2. jimmy snels


    Fournier hit being reviewed on request of belfast. Nickerson at ours for kneeing im guessing
  3. jimmy snels

    Season ticket entrance

    Tonights entry to the rink was farcical. They've made it even worse. For the love of god why cant we get a seperate entrance for season ticket holders away from the main door/ticket collection like we did for many years? We were all stood round for bloody ages both outside and in. There's a VIP...
  4. jimmy snels

    Elite league fines We got 200 pounds as well
  5. jimmy snels

    Who next?

    With the almost essential re-signings, attention now turns to who we really really need in other positions. Id like to see hendo return on D and hotham. Forwards wise I'd like to see some fresh blood. Arguments could be made for most to return but i think with the capitulation two years on the...
  6. jimmy snels

    MK lightning join elite league 17/18

    As the title says. Not sure how this effects current set up but great news. More the merrier provided its competitive :)
  7. jimmy snels


    Any ideas how long he's out for/is he on road to recovery/is he training with the team?
  8. jimmy snels


    Been released from DEL team. Always rated him. Wonder if he'll be heading over here again?
  9. jimmy snels

    why do we not sign players from Europe

    Just a discussion point really whilst we go through the off season of doom :lol: . Whilst looking at free agents on elite prospects i noticed a number of quality players available from the swedish and finnish leagues. Yet on the whole as a league we are very reluctant to sign players from...
  10. jimmy snels

    Where's mychan?

    Rumours tonight of him being a healthy scratch and not fitting in/doing enough? I personally love his energy. Does anyone know where he actually is or what if anything is wrong?
  11. jimmy snels

    who would you prefer?

    Simple one. Would you rather Sheffield or Nottingham in the final if we get through? Personally I'd rather panthers.
  12. jimmy snels

    Dirty Scottish apparently check out caps grimaldi tonight....
  13. jimmy snels

    season ticket spot sales

    Over the xmas period i missed both the hull and nottingham games due to family commitments. Just a thought. With games becoming sell outs i wonder if the club are missing a potential revenue here. Could it be set up so that as long as the club knows your not coming they put your tickets on a...
  14. jimmy snels


    Got to be said what fantastic form Hotham is in at the minute. He's outscored most of our forwards, plays a tough defensive game and sticks up for his team. Get the new contract out for him first before someone else does! :twisted:
  15. jimmy snels

    more clan goonery! ... 0E0R0c&s=1 Cheap shot or sucker punch... over too you guys
  16. jimmy snels

    who do you want back?

    As its been far from good a decent discussion around who you'd like to see back in a devils jersey. Personally id like to see marsh plumpton lord mac ben batch richie myres and obviously kurka. Add piggot and cj and thats me done. Need to start a new group IMHO
  17. jimmy snels

    good lord that leaves us short ... d-s-match/ No lord for weekend. Guess conboys got some shoes to fill....
  18. jimmy snels

    Devils sign Doyle ... an-3864177
  19. jimmy snels

    phil hill fits the bill ... ls-3660897 Hill commits to devils
  20. jimmy snels

    stuuuuu in kenton gone? ... ae-3580956 Sounds like kenton is definitely going then. In talks with stuuuu tyson (unfortunately not typliski)and max.