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  1. DevilDom

    Play Off Finals Weekend

    Season ticket holders should definitely get priority and opportunity to buy 1 ticket per season ticket before they go on general sale. A bit of a kick in the teeth if you miss this because you can’t get there early enough on a Saturday morning if you ask me.
  2. DevilDom

    Devils Vs Giants - 19+20 Jan 19 - League

    Really looking forward to these 2 games. Giants are a very physical team, have a lot of skill this year and the best netminder in the league - almost the perfect mix. Devils need to front up, at least match their intensity and bury their chances when they get them. It will be two very tough...
  3. DevilDom

    Faryna Leaves

    ‘Unbelievable’ even
  4. DevilDom

    Faryna Leaves

    Thank you Steve for taking the time to comment again. If this is a tough time we really are blessed - we are 3rd place in the table with games in hand, well placed after the first leg of the quarter final of the challenge cup and are still able to ice a full roster of imports alongside our...
  5. DevilDom

    Evan Mosey Signs

    Good player, decent signing and good that he will be in for the weekend but not the wow factor I was hoping for after losing Blood and I’m not sure he is what we need. We already have stacks of skill and speed on the team but where we have fallen foul in recent weeks is lacking that little bit...
  6. DevilDom

    Devils Vs Flyers - 7 Nov - League

    Devils a little unlucky in the game and up against a top Nettie but why are we so bad at 3 on 3? As soon as it went to OT I said to my son, get ready to go as soon as they score without thinking about it!
  7. DevilDom

    Last player!

    Completely agree with Steve. Great to see the likes of Batch, Moore and Rutkis being given more ice time. Batch in particular has excelled this year and is surely pushing for the GB squad. Add in Duggan and I think the future looks bright, after all Richie and Myers aren’t going to be around...
  8. DevilDom

    Lack of atmosphere

    Yes things move on and again I state it wasn’t my intention to start a debate on the style of hockey more how we could improve the atmosphere. It seems like for a large majority the style of play and atmosphere are inter-linked. For what it’s worth I love the fast, skilful game we play at the...
  9. DevilDom

    Lack of atmosphere

    Ok, but this is something that could possibly be fixed (albeit a bit of a long shot) with a standing area. I’m not sure how feasible it would be, but it doesn’t seem completely impossible. Maybe we as fans should be lobbying for that? An ideal place would be block 4 in front of the drummers and...
  10. DevilDom

    Lack of atmosphere

    I think this thread has gone off on a bit of a tangent with all the talk of physical play. I don’t think that is the only reason behind the poor atmosphere and my original post was more about what we can do to improve it. As we don’t sign the players I think we need to be a bit more inventive!
  11. DevilDom

    Lack of atmosphere

    I agree with both Jimmy and Ocko to an extent, however we weren’t dominating on Saturday and the crowd didn’t get into the game until the last 10 minutes when the players on the ice upped it. That was a game where we should have trying to lift the players earlier. I also miss the blue-collar...
  12. DevilDom

    Lack of atmosphere

    Yeah that was a good night and a great atmosphere. I guesss my point is that whilst we do seem to get up for the occasional game, those games are the exception rather than the norm and the majority of games are now flat atmosphere wise, especially compared to the BBT where it seemed the opposite...
  13. DevilDom

    Lack of atmosphere

    I agree this helps and I too miss the hits and occasional fight that we used to have but sometimes I just think the team needs a lift and us as fans could do more.
  14. DevilDom

    Lack of atmosphere

    Is it just me or is the atmosphere at the IAW getting worse? It’s never been constantly good, but the last 4-5 games the atmosphere has been very flat. Last week we steam rolled 2 big rivals and for most of the game it was very flat. Tonight, and I appreciate we have already, qualified the...
  15. DevilDom

    Devils Vs Red Bull Salzburg -Thu 30th Aug 2018 / 7:30pm - CHL

    I’ve been mulling over whether to go to this game and the one on Saturday but just booked tickets for Thursday and will see how it goes before I decide about Saturday. It’s a shame the ticket price is quite high with the games being on TV but the atmosphere at the home games along with the...
  16. DevilDom


    I’m really torn between feeling sorry for the guy and being angry at the way Parisi has left Lordo and the team in the lurch. We don’t know the reasons behind it but it seems to me that the Devils bent over backwards for Parisi, however if his heart wasn’t in it then he shouldn’t have signed...
  17. DevilDom

    EIHL Predictions ......

    1. Devils 2. Giants 3. Panathers 4. Steelers 5. Flames 6. Flyers 7. Storm 8. Clan 9. Blaze 10. Stars 11. Lightning
  18. DevilDom

    IAW bar prices

    Not saying IAW should run at a loss, however I thought the IAW is run under a completely different company and therefore shouldn't have any impact on the Devils budget? I also thought the Devils management were taking over the running of the IAW to aide Greenbank and get some control of how...
  19. DevilDom

    IAW bar prices

    I would have Heineken above most lagers. Carling and Coors are crap and although Staropraham is ok, at £5 a pint I'll probably give it a miss. As a consumer I believe that's still my choice!
  20. DevilDom

    IAW bar prices

    Regardless of what other venues do, a £1 per pint increase for what I consider a worse product is very steep to me. However, I guess in the long run it will be good for me because I will drink far less at games!