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  1. matbur


    Spot on. The amount of dross on here for a team of this calibre is unbelievable.
  2. matbur

    Injury updates

    Definitely, couldn't agree more with this. Good post. I think the league as a whole should be more transparent to fans with player availability. The teams themselves will most likely know from the grapevine who's healthy and who's injured so I don't get the secrecy. An official response...
  3. matbur

    Rupert Brothers depart Sheffield

    Sense their problems run a lot deeper than two players!
  4. matbur

    Happy Birthday Us

  5. matbur

    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    Really good point that regarding Team GB, should be a huge motivational factor for him.
  6. matbur

    Devils Vs Panthers - Sun 12th Aug - Aladdin Cup Final showdown!!

    For all you missile throwers at there, just get your drink from the vending machine. Stupid rule, but the norm at all sporting events sadly.
  7. matbur

    Cafe - Grazing Shed

    Didn't order yesterday, but will throughout the season. Obviously, it's a burger joint but do you do hot drinks? The vending machine ones are awful. Often used to get hot drinks from the old cafe even if we weren't buying food.
  8. matbur

    Game Night Parking

    Think I'll just use Morrisons
  9. matbur

    Don’t tell Todd ....

    It's shit, there's no parking
  10. matbur

    Cafe - Grazing Shed

    Awesome news, the ineffectiveness of the cafe is my gf's pet hate! Ha Good luck with taking it on @JC23
  11. matbur

    This seasons Jerseys, What you think?

    Personally not fussed but the CHL home one is really nice, so will probably get that
  12. matbur

    IAW bar prices

    I reckon this was for the boxing and will (hopefully) change back
  13. matbur

    Forum Upgrade

    Forum looks great on mobile. Keep up the good work :)
  14. matbur

    Early face off times

    The team lacks the toughness to play at 4pm...
  15. matbur

    Those not coming back

    Absolute rubbish
  16. matbur


    I spoke to TK about this last week, there's at least another three of last year's team signed who are yet to be announced.
  17. matbur


    This thread epitomises the ridiculousness of this forum. Whatever happened to this place?
  18. matbur

    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    Hi all, I spoke to Todd for a bit of an update this week: Discussed player recruitment, CHL and Jamie Elson.
  19. matbur

    Time for some fun Steve?

    You deserve an award if these two are announced.. ha
  20. matbur

    Thank you Andrew

    Piece here on Hotham from Dai-Sport: So Long and Thanks For All The Points