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  1. James

    Rupert Brothers depart Sheffield

    Judging by the Sheffield Star article Teflon Thommo sacked one of the brothers and the other one walked.
  2. James

  3. James

    Rupert Brothers depart Sheffield

    Could be a nice little money earner for two point Tony too. We’d probably all chip in a couple of bob to help keep Thommo at the Steelers
  4. James

    Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All Teams 2018/2019

    Steelers start to gas players to deflect from Thommos failings
  5. James


    The way Richie selflessly throws himself in front of the puck he's going to get a lot of knocks. Hopefully thats all it is and he will indeed be back soon.
  6. James

    Forum Upgrade

    Yeah I’ve tried a reinstall a couple of times. The people at tapatalk have run through all the usual options but it’s not them either. Just waiting for a dedicated ftp account to be set up so they can go in and have a poke directly.
  7. James

    Forum Upgrade

    I’m still working to get tapatalk back.
  8. James


    Head a rumour last night (and there are always plenty of those flying around the rink so make of it what you will) that we have 2 D ready to be announced next week.
  9. James

    Devils Vs Panthers - Sat 15 Sept - League Opener

    Someone on THF already frothing at the mouth and demanding Doty ‘sort out’ Blood. Shows Blood is doing it right :)
  10. James

    Red Bull Salzburg Vs Devils -Thu 6th Sept 2018 / 7:30pm (CEST) - CHL

    I think thats the key here. Bowns seems to be having to make more saves, against a better opposition. We lost a key part of our expected defensive when Parisi went home.
  11. James

    SC Bern Vs Devils - Sat 8th Sept 2018 / 7:45 (CEST) - CHL

    That is Salzburg tonight not Bern on Saturday
  12. James

    SC Bern Vs Devils - Sat 8th Sept 2018 / 7:45 (CEST) - CHL

    Devils travel to SC Bern on Saturday for the last of their CHL games for a while. After taking Bern to overtime last week it should be another good match up. The game should be on freesport too and you can also watch it in Walkabout. The big question is does the bear have a tongue shaped like a...
  13. James

    Red Bull Salzburg Vs Devils -Thu 6th Sept 2018 / 7:30pm (CEST) - CHL

    They are ahead an hour yes so I assume 6.30 ?
  14. James

    Red Bull Salzburg Vs Devils -Thu 6th Sept 2018 / 7:30pm (CEST) - CHL

    Devils travel to Salzburg for their return match. Should be another cracker and if you aren't heading over is viewable on Freesports (Freeview HD channel 95, Sky channel 422, Virgin TV 130/553, FreeSat 252, TalkTalk 95, BT Vision channel 95 ) from 6.25
  15. James

    Favourite jersey?

    I started work on a database, Corky kindly gave me designs for a number of them too. I should probably dust it off when I have time :)
  16. James

    Devils Vs Red Bull Salzburg -Thu 30th Aug 2018 / 7:30pm - CHL

    As Foxy said, it was all going so well :) Can we please keep from labelling other fans. Argue the point, explain why you thought X player was good or bad on the night, but don’t get personal Ta
  17. James

    Devils Vs SC Bern - Sat 1st Sept 2018 7.15 - CHL

    After a good run out against Red Bull Salzburg we do it all again this time against Bern, another team with a top tier netminder and apparently the biggest hockey crowds in Europe so bring your loudest voices
  18. James

    Jersey size for Women

    The wife wears a Youth XXL. That's the one to go for. Cheaper too I think :)