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    Rumour mill

    Joey Martin re signing would put a well-needed smile on many a face!
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    20/21 Squad

    Joey Martin back and as captain. I really want him to lift a trophy after all he has done for us, so close this season.
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    Benti retires

    Benti gave us so much over the years & my memories will always be positive. He loved the big occasion, such a shame we couldn't give him the send off he deserved.
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    Steelers in the .....

    Yes anyone of five teams could have gone on to win the league, hence a very difficult decision as to who should get the place/places in CHL. WE are not champions , no one will be as the season was curtailed. Belfast won the league last year how they did is irrelevant, they did. But using the...
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    steelers Vs Devils - 8 Mar 20 - Challenge Cup Final Spectacular

    I think some of our frailties were exposed today. But I also thought that we could take it as we had the momentum for good periods of the game, just couldn't get past Duba. Good test of character now to refocus on league, think we can do it. Fingers crossed !
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    Fan Ownership/Trust

    Agree, we couldn’t ask for more so can’t entertain the thought of anything other than the owners we have. I’ll face any change if there is one when I have to, but hope that is many years down the road!
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    Devils Vs Flyers - 19 02 20 - League

    Must admit would rather have Louis on the ice than standing opposite me on the gantry.
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    DOPS Changes

    Ben O'Connor got two game ban for cross checking, looked nasty and some have got more for less. Dread to think what Marjamaki will get, but whatever it is, it will be warranted. It was a really bad hit, just no need for it. We have a hard run in with 8 games in 15 days I believe. With...
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    Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League

    Still hoping tonight isn't one of them. Got to give them credit, they won't lie down.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League

    Steelers have come back from a couple behind quite a few times recently, hope tonight isn't one of them.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League

    Thought Dixon was immense. A likely ban for Mari, no need for that hit and its really hurt us especially as it appears Linlget is injured.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League

    Seems like a problem at my end, the boy restarting the router, whatever that means! So better than last night? Thank God for Haddad.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League

    he has got it back for me. So I missed a fight but not too much else by the sound of it. Thanks everyone.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League

    Thank you, my son looking at it for me now. How we doing?
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    Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League

    Anyone else having trouble with the stream? On for a minute and then goes.
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    I second the above, Steve should never have to defend himself here. Don't think its cheesy Jenks, its factual, we probably wouldn't have the club we have now without our owners. Furthermore, their engagement with us as fans, be it on this forum, travelling to games on fan uses & having a drink...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    I want to win as much as anyone. If we don't pick up silverware this year, the first time under the new owners, it will sting. Some may want change and I would respect their opinion. I will not be one of them. I have voiced some concerns this year as many have but should that happen , our...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    Less said about P2 the better! Never posted a negative comment & named a player before, but right in front of me tonight the puck was passed to Benti & he seemed almost afraid to receive it. This guy is so low on confidence, it applies to a few others too. Thought Jardine was excellent...
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    Stars v Devils - 19 Jan 20 - League

    He has every right to be!