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    Cardiff to beat Glasgow
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    How important is the CHL

    The CHL is by far the most important competition of the season. For the Devils, for Cardiff, for Wales and the UK. By far the most important and by far the best hockey we will see in Cardiff this year. The Devils (and the giants) have a responsibilty to the whole of UK ice hockey. Over the...
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    I thinks it's two years after 10 years of age.
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    He played in the UK until the age of 13 so he qualifies as British trained and is not an import.
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    Would be eligible for GB aswell
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    Blaze Vs Devils - 31 Mar 19 - League .. decider?

    Still no luck. I have requested refund
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    Blaze Vs Devils - 31 Mar 19 - League .. decider?
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    Blaze Vs Devils - 31 Mar 19 - League .. decider?

    It looks like I may be receiving another refund from clean cut sports. They are hopeless
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    Blaze Vs Devils - 31 Mar 19 - League .. decider?

    Clean cut say keep on trying...
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    Blaze Vs Devils - 31 Mar 19 - League .. decider?

    Anyone else having problems connecting on to the clean cut website?
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    Devils qualify for next season's CHL !

    I thought we had to win the league. Or if Belfast won the league the place would go to the playoff winners?
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    sorry but this is bugging me.

    This is shameful and selfish from the Giants. They are damaging the image UK hockey and the EIHL.
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    Devils Vs MKL - 25 Nov 18 - League

    Personally, I think this years Devils have a way of making opposition goalies look better than they are thanks to poor finishing . It started with Herzog(?) of Salzburg and has carried on.
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    4pm Faceoff ...

    I big crowd even though we were home yesterday and Tuesday. I love the 4pm face off, home nice and early! Who cares if it affects attendance at city or the blues?
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    Devils Vs MKL- Sun 16 Sept - CC

    Unfortunately we may have just played the new Edinburgh Capitals. I hope not.
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    Devils Vs SC Bern - Sat 1st Sept 2018 7.15 - CHL

    Another fantastic CHL game So entertaining. Unfortunately 3 on 3 ot was always going to be a big ask. However, it is clear that Bern are a much better team than Salzburg and I think a result in Austria is not out of the question based on the performance tonight.
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    Devils Vs Red Bull Salzburg -Thu 30th Aug 2018 / 7:30pm - CHL

    Anybody giving these games a miss is making a mistake. Last year's CHL games were the highlight of the entire season.
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    Giants v Devils - Fri & Sat 2&3 Feb 2018 - League - FO 7pm - Chat/Updates

    I can't believe Morissete wasn't one of the penalty takers. Was he injured?
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    Devils dual national playing for GB

    Nathan Walker has already played in the World Championships for Australia.