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    Panthers re-sign DAB

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    Nottingham player 3 game ban

    Re: Nottingham player 3 game ban Correct. Ferguson was down on the ice for 4 or 5 seconds in agony, then the adrenalin kicked in and he wanted revenge. As soon as the lino grabbed his shirt and stopped him from punching Wilson, he could barely put one foot in front of the other to skate back...
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    Signing an NHLer a no brainer???

    Predictable response from a predictable man. The most obnoxious bloke in Wales. Re: Sestito £60 x 60 shirts = £3,600. Not bad for a couple of weeks PR.
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    Olson limpright

    Erm, they played each other the following night in Coventry and nothing happened between them. Maybe there was no reason for Olson to actually go after Limpright?! Just a thought... ;)
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    what should a captain be?

    Crikey, school holibobs? In life, broadly speaking, there are two types of people - those that lead and those that follow. To be a good captain you need to be a good leader. Those are innate qualities. You don’t need to be the captain to be a leader. Those teams that have 4,5 or 6 leaders are...
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    2012/13 Confirmed Signings - All teams

    Just throwing it out there...I think he'll be similar to Max Birbraer. Should be good for 15-20 goals even though hasn't been brought in to score. You don't play that many games in the NHL/AHL without being disciplined at both ends of the ice. Should comfortably shore up the second line...
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    Signings and departures 2011/12 - All other teams...

    Steelers sign netminder John DeCaro! :D
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    New Arrival for Samidevils and PJ Blaze

    Congratulations to both Sami and Paul! A Devils mum, a Blaze about a Steelers baby? :lol:
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    Rink Corp (Devils and Steeler) Liquidated (Merged!)

    Re: Re: 2011/12 Rumours Thread - Absolute nonsense spotted! Imagine that. The back office have been speaking out on this forum for long enough. I wonder if they'll create yet another new account with their real names this time?! Still, not nice losing your job. Hope they find employment soon.
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    Haha. Worst venue in Cathays. I hope no one plans on driving parking. Dive.
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    Pelle Signs for Giants

    If I look back over your posts, Imagine, I sense a certain rhythm to them. And people think Finny is bad! :roll:
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    Steelers sign Colt King

    I think this will change this season. He's already admitted he has to change his game...I just hope that doesn't mean he's less effective.
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    Steelers sign Colt King

    Pretty happy with this. I can't remember the last time we had a proper 'power forward'. Maybe even as far back as Scott Allison... The signing of Huttel made this one happen. Let's hope the gamble pays off.
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    2011/12 Rumours Thread - Absolute nonsense spotted!

    I'm going Scott Reid or Rudkowsky as the goalie, Andrew Hotham as the Dman and just to keep up with the summer fun...Colt King as the power forward! :lol:
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    2011/12 Rumours Thread - Absolute nonsense spotted!

    Given that I know people in the property trade who have known hockey players be refused mortgages I am intrigued to know where your intel comes from to be so dismissive of my attempt to be helpful with some info I know to be true on this matter?
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    2011/12 Rumours Thread - Absolute nonsense spotted!

    I presume when people talk about players having their mortgages paid, they're actually on about having their rent paid? As there are British players who earn a good wage, plus have summer jobs to subsidise their wage, and they can't get a mortgage for love nor money!
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    Phil Hill Re signs for devils From reading this page, I'm not technically sure who should be sending out Press Releases. I think it'd be slightly harsh to put this one at the Marketing Manager, Kelly's, door... I guess looking at those descriptions, I'd assume the two who have...
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    Phil Hill Re signs for devils

    Didn’t realise the ‘Marketing Manager’ sent out press releases. As good as the Inferno is, it doesn't actually have EVERY Devils fan as a member. And for those hockey fans that don't read THF (plenty out there), then the Elite League website is one of the only places they can get their general...
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    Phil Hill Re signs for devils

    You'd think so wouldn't you?! To say both Cardiff and Sheffield have the same ownership, it must surely come down to the individual media officer? All you have to do to get your press releases on the website is for your media person to send them to the EIHL webmaster. If the Devils stories...