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  1. Wannabe2

    Devils Players Direct to Steelers/ Steelers Players Direct to Devils

    Can you think of anymore Devils to Steelers Nicky Chinn Jonathon Phillips Jamie Van Der Horst Dave Matsos Phil Hill Mike Ware. Steelers to Devils Gerad Adams Jeff Brown Kirk DeWaele Ryan Finnerty Paul Sample STAY SAFE.
  2. Wannabe2

    Play Off Finals

    If there was a option of postponing your play off tickets for the play off finals April 2021, league keeps the money you keep your seats I would take that in a heartbeat. To me and it’s a personal thing that seems the most logical way, league keeps the money, we keep our seats and no hassle and...
  3. Wannabe2

    20/21 Squad

    Not into naming names but I can see maybe 7 new faces next season, even though it looked quite likely we would take the League, and had as good a chance as anybody in the Play Offs. Always exciting to see new faces, how many do you think.
  4. Wannabe2

    Day 1 of withdrawal symptoms

    I should be in the rink now, being pumped up, not watching the voice feeling crappy. Still only 6 months to go,
  5. Wannabe2

    Wales v Scotland cancelled

    Tomorrow’s 6 nation game cancelled at last minute.
  6. Wannabe2

    Final Countdown ( last games for top 5 )

    Devils on 64pts Flames (h) Stars (a) Blaze (h) Panthers (a) Storm (h) Clan (a) Giants (h) Steelers (a) Steelers on 63pts Storm (h) Stars (h) Stars (a) Storm (a) Devils (h) Blaze on 61pts Flyers (h) Devils (a) Flames (h) Panthers (a) Flyers (a) Giants (h) Giants on 60pts Panthers (h) Panthers...
  7. Wannabe2

    Couple of facts ( goals for and against ) average per game.

    For. Against. Devils. 3.52. 3.00. Steelers. 4.30. 3.14 Blaze. 3.75. 3.29. Giants. 3.10. 2.60. Panthers. 3.19. 2.69. Top 5 teams averages.
  8. Wannabe2

    Devils v Stars

    Really enjoyed that game tonight, awesome to see our lads back to their best, couldn’t fault the performance, yes we weren’t playing one of the top 3 teams, but Stars can beat anyone on any given night, they have already beaten Giants twice,Blaze, Flames three times,, Devils, Clan...
  9. Wannabe2

    Scoring goals

    Scoring goals FOR as opposed to goals AGAINST Steelers are manic. This is the difference for goals for, as for goals against Steelers + 56 Devils + 20 Panthers +20 Giants + 19 Blaze + 13 Flames + 2 Others not applicable.
  10. Wannabe2


    Dixon has been given a 2 game ban for the hit last night.
  11. Wannabe2

    What’s your take on this

    Myself I think this season has been one of the least entertaining seasons for awhile, there’s no characters at all in the league the Faryna,s, Fitzgerald’s, Keefe,s etc, etc, no longer exist, they are now like Dinosaurs. We all accept fighting is not the be all of the game, but how crummy...
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    So far Flyers 2, Steelers 0. Come on
  13. Wannabe2

    Panthers lose

    Bulmer has left the Panthers, it’s all happening there.
  14. Wannabe2

    Panthers sign

    Jason Brinkley 27yr old D Man signs for Panthers, called up to the AHL for a few games this season.
  15. Wannabe2

    Who’s going tonight???

    Who’s going tonight to see the lads, and have a beer, those who are going see you guys there. Happy Hockey Days.
  16. Wannabe2

    Play off tickets

    Well got them sorted thank goodness, got to rink at 12-45am , 20 people already there and in good spirit, both fluid and mental spirits left there about 8-30am, think probably 200 people there, doors opened at 6am letting everyone in, in fairness it wasn’t much of a cold night, as last year it...
  17. Wannabe2

    BBC Tonight

    The Dirty Vegan BBC 1 tonight 7-30, has the Devils on it check it out.
  18. Wannabe2

    The Other Great Reds Liverpool

    If Liverpool or when Liverpool win today, it will be 1,000 days since they last lost at Anfield.
  19. Wannabe2

    First Semi Final

    5-1 to Steelers, sheffield playing well, but Clan are crap. Glasgow are as bad as the tv coverage.
  20. Wannabe2

    Huge weekend coming up

    What with Giants losing tonight, our conflict with the Steelers Saturday is really huge, like Mega Huge. If we can take this one that’s a huge leap in the standings, this game has the potential to be a real belter, Steelers are scoring for fun, they have scored a massive 52 goals more than they...