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    I just wondered if there was any history - I remember a good few years back that Cardiff City banned echo reporters and at the time they then stopped putting match reports or any info in the echo about the team. wondered if something similar happened.
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    Is there any reason that iCWales has no coverage of the devils - when you search their home page the last article is from December 2018. Bearing in mind we are fast approaching the sharp end of what could be a very successful season I would have expected a bit more. At least BBC Sport has a...
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    Challenge cup ticket!

    I'm a ST holder and have two tickets - I may not be able to make it but will ensure they go to a Devils fan if not.
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    Panthers Wednesday Night

    2 tickets block 19 available
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    Ticket for tonights game ?

    ah, you meant Sheffield!
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    Ticket for tonights game ?

    I have two in Block 19 Dave
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    Looking for 2 Sheffield Tickets - don't need to be together

    but would like block 19 /20 ish if possible. My number 07855 946589 Dave