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    Couple of Devils jerseys for sale

    Probably seeking to recoup some of the price paid - would be the most logical reason for me
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    Tickets on sale monday for cc final.

    Whichever way they do it they will have disappointed fans - although the lottery idea sounds least disruptive in terms of IT and fan availability. If I don’t get a ticket second hand I’ll be down the pub!
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    Challenge Cup Final Tickets: Wanted/For Sale

    Not sure if admin want to try and keep all posts on one thread or whether happy to let people post individually - please delete if desired. However I thought be an idea to comment below if you are genuinely in the market for a CC Final Ticket and how many you would be willing to buy. That way...
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    Tickets on sale monday for cc final.

    It’s the hope that gets me...see a Gold dot appear then disappears as soon as you get near it. Oh well.
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    Play Off Finals Weekend

    Devils announced Thursday that tickets will be available for collection from today at the merchandise stand in the bar. Will remain available for collection at other home games. Bring your receipt.
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    Old Programmes, Free

    If anybody has a duplicate/spare/unwanted programme from home game v Stars on 11/3/17 I’d take it off your hands
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Quite happy to bow out after that result. Great work Temme
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Steelers to beat Flames on Sunday
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    In the AllezAllezAllez song: Andrew Lord and Kelman, Were great with the puck, But queuing for the tickets? What a clusterfuck! Allez allez allez! I’ll get my coat.
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    Play off tickets

    Devils have posted on Facebook that they have some tickets left that can be booked over the phone today: “We've still got around 100 tickets left for playoff weekend. We'll be here till around 12 today so either come down to the Devils office or give us a call on 07517094726 or 07841374199“...
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Panthers to beat Flyers on Sunday
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    Any Devils fans out there who can play an instrument??

    Fair point. Don’t need to turn it into a football type thing. Ignore me :)
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    Upcoming Visit

    Depends what you mean by feedback but I bloody loved it!
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    Huge weekend coming up

    Resting two big characters tonight - let’s hope Joey and Matt are back for what will be a HUGE game
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    Any Devils fans out there who can play an instrument??

    I 100% know there are some out there (you can’t put a video on Twitter without me knowing!) From being a former choir master elsewhere (well/semi respected football choir) let me just say we need a trumpeter/ saxophonist to go with our drummer whether home or away.... Block 13 need a good 4/5...
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Blaze to beat Flyers on Saturday...
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    Upcoming Visit

    Need to ensure you guys are up to speed with the lyrics for chants... And I smell a perfect opportunity for good PR...Steve get on that drum! All over Twitter lol
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    Riley called up to Spengler Cup

    Spengler Cup Champion. Shame they only win what looks like an oversized hand-whisk. Congrats to Blair and all at Team Canada. Great for the EIHL
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    Riley called up to Spengler Cup

    Without wanting to sound like a complete moron: have their been previous Brit-based players selected before? It does seem quiet across the league. I could imagine the Devils coming out and congratulating a former player for being selected, or even a player completed unconnected to the Devils...