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    Panthers Bans

    Henley and Makela will both miss the game at the tent on premier sports. ... la-p188607 I believe they can't replace these two with other imports so that'll leave them two down. A shame for the product on TV, but a break for the Devils. Henley rode...
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    Very sorry to post on the EIHL thread, but I'm desperate :cry: Can anyone recommend a reliable plumber to help with the boiler in my flat? I believe the gas valve has a leak and we've been messed about by the building's preferred company. As a result we've now gone a week without hot water...
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    Wales in the NHL?

    Nathan Walker ... l:topheads
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    U21 4th Line

    Thommo raised this on twitter a few weeks ago and I think it's a cracking idea :D It's built around two very different, but equally important reasons IMO. 1. Introducing the 4th line allows for consistent high intensity, physical hockey - the way it should be played! Right now with 3 forward...
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    Spare Ticket

    I've got a spare ticket for tonight £15 if anyone is going and hasn't bought yet. In with the block two massive. I'll be getting there around 7pm...hit me up on here until 6.30 or on 07939459408 :)
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    Positive Suggestion No.2

    OK so my bucket collection for body-checks seems to have gone down how about this instead (I'm no quitter) :D How about; Any player that fails to throw at least 2 hits during a game is to be taken to the centre faceoff circle during the presentations and shot :lol:
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    Positive Suggestion

    OK so I'm totally fed up with this non-contact form of hockey the Devils seem to have decided is the way forward this season, but rather than continue to tell everyone on here how fed up I am here's a more pro-active suggestion :) I propose that a fan-funded 'hit bonus' is introduced. The...
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    What!.....the whole team!?? :lol: :o
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    Lift to Nottingham Sunday if we win on Sat

    Hi all, Sadly I'm unable to make the semi-final game on sat, but was hoping to go up for the final on Sunday if the Devils make it. If there is any kind person who is planning on doing the same thing, has room in their car (petrol share covered of course) and is going from Cardiff I'd be very...
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    Request for Fan Meeting

    Mods I appreciate this is tied in with the Ragan thread, but I believe a meeting with fans is crucial and worthy of it's own thread. I won't dwell on the pros and cons of Ragan's decision as that is for the other thread, but I do believe this could be very positive or very negative for the...
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    Open Training Session?

    Would this be possible? I realise the times are probably not convenient for people working 9-5, but is this something which could work in Cardiff? With Weller now on board I'm sure this is something more fans would be interested in - perhaps with a signing session for the kids afterwards?
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    Your Ideal Rink

    The plans for the new arena are submitted to committee for approval this month. See here - viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2931&start=150 We know it will have roughly 2500 seats and probably 500 standing. Within this criteria I thought it would be fun to have a thread dedicated to your own ideal rink...
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    Stoney on the Pont y Werin Bridge Portrait Bench

    Not sure if this has already been noted, but it looks like nominations for Stoney were succesful - ... 797144.stm
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    Music Thread

    Ok so I've been thinking about how I'm too rarely blown away (or even just into) new music I discover (whether recorded decades ago or just released), but I'm hoping that it's just me being lazy and not looking hard enough. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, although I am extremely...
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    ISV (again)

    OK we've heard it all before...but at least this article gives us a clearer idea of what the revised plans are and who will take them forward. (The original plans relying on the casino were a load of guff anyway) ... -25858569/ It includes the...
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    Newcastle deal for Cardiff City Fans

    I thought this could do with its own thread should any city fans be browsing the boards (feel free to delete if not)
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    Matt Burge on WalesOnline

    Scroll down for the video -
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    New Rink

    I'm surprised this hasn't got its own thread by now (perhaps it's because we've had so many false dawns) However, Shannon said on the real sports phone in that Matt Burge has been awarded the build for the new ice rink. They are looking at a couple of options with the council which includes a...
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    Sean McMorrow Interview

    Really good interview with Sean McMorrow...a shame we don't have more like him in the league IMO. ... 247275.stm
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    Goodbye Sheffield enter Field Electrical ... This seems a bit pre-emptive. Oh well away trips to Field Electrical it is then. :lol: I have to say if we ever dropped Cardiff (without moving to another city I'd be a tad upset)