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    Play Off Finals Weekend

    From what I understand you choose your seats from a computer layout of the Devils blocks and are then given a slip of paper with the details of your chosen seats. When tickets become available from the NIC later you are then informed by the Devils office that they are available for pickup.
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    Huge weekend coming up

    Vallerand had 1 + 1 in their last game according to the game sheet. No Dowd though.
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    Devils vs Blaze - 28 Sept 19 - CC

    Block I 3 - Brilliant.
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    Parking pre Season

    Toys R Us and Wilcox House both available this weekend according to the Devils website. Cost is £3 in both so that is a 50% increase for Wilcox House users!!
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    Mark Thomas - Sheffield Steelers So sad, so young, Condolences to Mark, his family and friends.
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    Love this.

    Flights starting 27th February 2020 so a bit late for this season. Unless you are thinking of Dundee in March!!
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    Pre-season games

    I've opted for Sunday night rather than Saturday.
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    Maths ahead of this weeks games

    If equal on points it is: Number of regulation wins. If equal then it is total numder of wins. If still equal it is points gained in games between the two teams. That is where we lose it.
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    POFW tickets (here we go again)

    Just checked and they are still offering pairs of tickets in rows C and E in Block 17. You may have to click "Try Again" to get something you are happy with.
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    POFW tickets - improvements for next time

    We were actually in the rink queuing around the concourse at the top. There was also free entertainment thrown on the main ice pad with learn to skate sessions at 9.00 - 10.00, 10.00 - 11.00 and 11.00 - 11.30 and the Cardiff Junior Devils v Slough at 12.00. Enlightening for me to see how the...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 19+20 Jan 19 - League

    I agree. Used it many times for the playoffs. It has a car park attached to it (cost £15?? for 24 hours) plus many good restaurants nearby.
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    Playoff Details Announced

    Or try the Whitehouse in Kegworth just off the M1 and alongside the A453 into Nottingham. There is now a Park & Ride on this road which means you can use the tram. I used to use this hotel when my daughters came to Nottingham with us and price wise it is still very reasonable - about £62 for a...
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    Scott Matzka has sadly passed

    Sad day indeed. RIP Scott.
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    Nott Simpson... Thanks!

    I would like to add my thanks to OJ as well and to all those involved with MNL. It has been my lifeline to away matches for many, many years and has been accessed from home, pubs, restaurants and wherever I have happened to be when there has been an away game on.
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    Devils v Steelers - Playoff Final! - FO 4pm - CHAAAAAMPIOOOOOOOONS :D

    Drove back last night (well my wife did) and watched it all again on Iplayer as did Wannabe2 and still elated today. What Iplayer does not show is the players interaction with the fans after the cup presentation. The chants coming from the Red Army, the smiles on the players faces, especially...
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    Awards night

    Just Brilliant.
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    Paul Sullivan - Big thank you

    Me, also. Well done Paul.
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    Pre-game celebration video

    I must add my congratulations to you, Paul, for another excellent video. Your videos really came to my notice with the one that you produced after our Challenge Cup win over Sheffield. The music by Elbow - One Day Like This - seemed so appropriate and complemented the video perfectly. It still...