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    Fife Flyers v Cardiff Devils - 25/01/20 - League

    Having not watched the Devils ’live’ since November, I decided I would bring my business trip to Scotland forward in order to see the team in action at an away venue. Good win - any win in my book is a good win - albeit against a poor team, but you can only compete against who the opposition...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    I think Mazzoak has made it pretty clear in the past that he/ she would like to see a few changes in order to improve performances. I also think it’s important to remember that many respected posters on here were calling for improvements - especially on our D - due to our D at the time being...
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    Stars v Devils - 19 Jan 20 - League

    Thanks for the response Mooney, however, once again - and its very rare I have to say - I have to disagree with what you post. First off, I’m not saying it’s an attitude problem, I’m saying it’s more a fitness problem and teams constantly look quicker and more physical than our team. I don’t...
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    Stars v Devils - 19 Jan 20 - League

    Sorry Mooney, disagree with your opinion that our problems are Phycological and lie “between the ears’ of our team members etc. That’s far too simplistic. I’ve always respected your views on tactics and analysis of games, however, I can’t accept that poor form is simply down to what’s on the...
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    Stars v Devils - 19 Jan 20 - League

    Sorry Kevin, we are not ‘all guilty’ as you say of requesting fighters and more fighters, and I certainly don’t remember anyone calling for a big slow stay at home defenceman to be signed either. I’m obviously viewing your post as a tongue in cheek post. what I do remember from way back at the...
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    Rob Davison.

    Did a very good job for us during his time here. Very composed D man. wish him well and hope he gets well soon.
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    Devils Vs Giants - 18 Dec 19 - CC 1/4 final

    Rich, I think it’s you that is missing the point tbh. Lots of posters were complaining about the poor performances and lack of passion and effort a couple of months ago, and criticism of the team was well founded and deserved. Yes, a few and I mean a few posters were suggesting players be...
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    MacWilliam & Matulik Podcast

    Great to see these two guys sharing respective tales, they will always be remembered here for their 100% efforts in every game I saw them play in ( nice to also hear of their admiration for another great fan of the Devils - and hugely talented singer songwriter - Martyn Joseph )
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    Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League

    Wasn’t at the game as I will not pay for sub standard effort and reading all the posts it seems to echo what I have been saying for many many weeks. We are a shadow of the teams of the past few seasons, and I won’t waste good money on sub standard performances. Lord has some huge decisions to...
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    Good luck panthers

    I always want any Elite side to do well in European competitions, so good luck to Panthers and their fans.
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    Agree, a point well made. I also think a lot of posters are making the point that we are not expecting to win every game - nice as that would be - it’s the lack of many things that are worrying, not least cohesion, passion, effort, body language etc combined with the many mistakes in games that...
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    With regard to comments about how the game is officiated. Many games I have attended this season have been poorly officiated, however, I do not see that officials are favouring our opposition, its simply the standard they are at and we have to accept it. There are times when I have actually...
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    I only watched the game because it was free. As I have previously said, I won’t be spending any more money on watching the Devils this season as a collective, they are the worst I’ve seen since we moved into the new arena. We certainly appear to have the team on paper that should be playing far...
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    Devils v Steelers

    Think you have misread his message ! He is clearly not going, hence his kind offer of his ticket. Can’t remember him saying ’gas the lot of them” ( apologies if I missed that ) I’ve already got rid of my ticket too as I haven’t enjoyed the past few games.
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    Andrew Lord Interview

    Thanks for your honest and dignified response John, much appreciated.
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    Andrew Lord Interview

    Didn’t think it was a convincing interview at all to be honest. And I also thought that some of the questions seemed longer than the answers and rather patronising, sorry John.
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    Stars v Devils

    A much needed win on the road after last nights farcical performance, albeit against the team propping up the league. I’m sure harsh words were exchanged between coach and players today and let’s hope certain ‘comfortable zone’ players up their ideas and start to play as we know they can. I’m...
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    Flyers v Devils

    Very, very disturbing ! Surely no one - and I mean no one - can now deny we have major problems. If Lord doesn’t act soon, we will end up at best as a mid table, mediocre side. It’s about time that those who continue to say he has got it right for the past years realise that the tide has turned...
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    Devils v Flames - Challenge Cup 26/10

    I can assure you that after our 2-1 defeat last night, I was never on the edge of my seat watching a fast hard hitting defeat, and certainly wasn’t entertained.
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    Devils v Flames - Challenge Cup 26/10

    Made the trip for this game as staying with friends from Guildford. The Reddick incident took a lot from the game but let’s face it, we are playing poorly at this time. I don’t care for the CC competition ( not even when we have won it ) it’s there as an infill and meaningless in my opinion...