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  1. Ffil06


    As the winner of our conference WILL be at our rink on the weekend, can we expect another trophy presentation at IAW?
  2. Ffil06

    Squealers V Blaze

    1-0 to blaze end of 1st. Even though I am probably the no 1 blaze hater, so would love them to do the Orange men tonight.
  3. Ffil06

    Scottish triple header....1 game too many?

    Having just got back off 5th Scottish triple header, I would like to ask the question/open discussion, that now teams are capable of beating each other, should we look at trying to change the Scottish fixtures to two double headers. The last twice we have fallen short of a 6 point weekend...
  4. Ffil06

    Joe to go

    Tweet from Joe Myers, he's off to Belfast as their No.1. :shock: So is Murphy following Doug C. to Steelers :?
  5. Ffil06

    Penalty Shoot Out's

    I have noticed recently that during the opposition's penalty shot that there is an unsportsmanlike Booing from the home fans. I have no recollection of this in past years and feel that this is something that should be discouraged. Your thoughts please. :oops: