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  1. Justtw

    Play offs live stream

    Are they streaming the play offs? I know they haven't streamed anything this season but they make highlight videos so clearly they have the facilities. Also, side note, the way they have allocated seating based on teams is actually horse shit..
  2. Justtw

    Shirt auction last night

    Left after a couple of jerseys but interested how much Bowns, Lordo and Borde went for? I imagine Lordo's shirt went for a pretty penny after this cracking season! :D
  3. Justtw

    Has a team ever won the league and cup in the same year?

    Don't know much of the history of the league, anyone have any knowledge they could share?
  4. Justtw

    Update on Bowns?

    To be honest, I feel Murdy was thrown into the deep end. Steelers were savage and thirsty for revenge after CC. Losing Bowns was a huge hit to our game and I think helped to our loss. Any news on his injury? I want him healthy for our last 4 games.
  5. Justtw

    Looking for a last seasons large jersey - any colour

    I have a red jersey from last season sized small that was bought accidentally which I'm looking to either sell or trade in if there is interest.