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    Blaze vs Devils - 22 Sept - CC

    Didnt get to game last night due to work, thank goodness, but then spent £12 to watch us tanked by a very average team. How do a team that look like the Mutts Nutts play like a bunch of Amateurs, the only player that can hold his head high tonight is Dixon, 21/22 Dixon’s please that would do...
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    Devils vs Clan - 21 Sept - League

    Wasn’t far out.
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    Flames vs Devils - 19 Sept - CC

    Thank you.
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    Flames vs Devils - 19 Sept - CC

    Who played in goals guys, anyone know.???
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    Flames vs Devils - 19 Sept - CC

    Dixon, Linglet, Jardine/
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    Flames vs Devils - 19 Sept - CC

    3-3 now
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    Flames vs Devils - 19 Sept - CC

    Dixon goal, assisted by Sointo, and Fournier.
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    Standing Area

    Devil may care said exactly, , why hasn’t he let it go and stayed on topic, what’s the difference mate. And why are my views pathetic. I am not against a standing area,just giving my views, what’s the problem with that.
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    Standing Area

    Why exactly, please explain.
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    Standing Area

    I didn’t say I was against it, try reading that again, I said in my view it shouldn’t be in blocks 2,3, 4 . I like noise at games the louder the better, it is obviously easier in bigger arenas. I actually said I can’t see it happening not that I was against it.
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    Standing Area

    If you want to piss off hundreds of season ticket holders, try telling them they no longer sit in the area that the Devils attack twice, that they have sat since the opening day, and are now going to be sat in the crappier opposite end. That surely is a no brainer, and most certainly would...
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    Belfast @ Augsburg

    With you 100%, spot on.
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    Icetime TV

    Think they will be doing both games
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    Hi and Disillusioned

    Anyway they only spent £62 last season.